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What is Calcium?

Calcium is important for bone health all through life. While food is the best source of the nutrient, many individuals may need supplements if their diet falls short. Reasons for it falling short include dietary restrictions and simply not liking the foods that have the most calcium in them, like milk and yogurt. However, with the help of your brand’s awareness, more consumers can learn why this mineral is so vital to their health and you can have a direct impact on their health by offering high-quality dietary supplements with the calcium they need.

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Calcium Health Benefits

The body requires calcium to build and maintain strong bones. The heart, muscles, and nerves also need calcium to function properly. The main responsibilities of this essential nutrient are to:

  • Maintain body strength
  • Form bones and teeth
  • Help with muscle movement
  • Support nerve messaging between the brain and body systems
  • Promote blood flow as vessels relax and constrict
  • Help release hormones and enzymes that support body functions

Who Will Likely Buy Your Calcium Supplements?

People who:

  • Follow a vegan diet
  • Consume large amounts of protein or sodium, which can cause the body to excrete more calcium
  • Have lactose intolerance and therefore limit their dairy consumption
  • Have certain bowel or digestive diseases that negatively affect the body’s ability to absorb calcium, like Celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease

Aging and the Need for Calcium Supplementation

Bone density continues to build during the first 25-30 years of life. Then it begins to slowly decrease with age. Increased calcium intake is needed during times of growth in the adolescent and young adult years, and people need enough of it in their youth to achieve peak levels of bone mass and to limit bone loss later on. Bone breakdown is greater than bone formation in later years. This is especially true in women after menopause and elderly individuals.

Calcium and Vitamin D

On the rise are dietary supplements consisting of both calcium and Vitamin D, as the body requires Vitamin D to absorb calcium. A few foods naturally contain small amounts of Vitamin D (canned salmon with bones and egg yolks). Vitamin D is also attainable through sun exposure, though one must be careful with UV rays and skin damage. So, if people can’t get enough through their diet, supplementing with your products manufactured and fulfilled in a state-of-the art GMP facility may be the next best way of obtaining healthy levels of both calcium and Vitamin D.

Calcium Delivery Formats

You can offer private label calcium, Vitamin D, or calcium and Vitamin D supplements through:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Softgels
  • Gummies
  • Powders

And we know just the vitamin manufacturer to get the job done right!



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