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by Sam Hong

Apr 11, 2024

I had a fantastic experience working with Makers Nutrition. Their service is top-notch, and their professionalism and attention to detail are truly commendable. I especially want to highlight Patrick Gillespie, who was a pleasure to work with. Patrick's communication was stellar, and he was quick to respond and assist at every step of the way, from ordering to label compliance checks and final completion. I highly recommend Makers Nutrition for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient partner in supplement manufacturing.

by Michael Sciarra

Apr 11, 2024

I had a very good experience with this company, and Dalton who helped me through the process is very professional and kept me informed through the entire process.

by Scott Deley

Mar 22, 2024

Makers is a one-stop shop for supplement manufacturing. In-house FDA compliance saves a lot of time and legal fees getting labels done correctly, which is a game changer. Also talented folks for getting product to market matching colors for bottle caps and printed artwork is just one of the many things they did to get our product line launched on time and on budget.

by Bailey Steverson

Sep 26, 2023

I would highly recommend Makers Nutrition to help kick start your business. Ryan was the one who was helping me. He was always there when I called, never made me feel like I had a stupid question, explained everything that I needed to help get my first product produced. He never made me feel like I had to go with one of their services, I had a budget and if something cost too much for me he made me feel comfortable where I could out source like my labels.

by Lorne Phillips

Sep 19, 2023

These guys are amazing, their customer service is next level! When I had the idea of making my supplement I never thought I would find a company as good as Makers Nutrition. They help me in so many ways and was always willing to assist me. Steven Trugman became more than just someone helping me, he became a friend that I truly trust. I couldn't imagine using anyone else for Warhorse!

by Jason Rodriguez

Sep 14, 2023

Best customer service in the industry! Ryan and the maker's team give hands down the best customer service we've experienced in 10+ years of contract manufacturing.

by Dylan O'Mara

Aug 18, 2023

I started a supplement brand and needed a reliable manufacturer and a responsive sales rep. After searching for months I finally came across MakersNutrition and worked with Ryan to launch my supplement brand. Ryan and the rest of the team answered all my stupid questions, we’re always available for phone calls, and guided me through the entire process. It’s been a blessing to work with them and I look forward to ordering more product soon. Thank you Ryan!

by Sharon Stroup

Aug 1, 2023

Ryan was great to work with!! The whole experience from start to finish was so fast. He kept me updated on my product and was always available to talk if I had a question. I highly recommend Ryan @ Makers Nutrition! Great Experience

by Nick Kowalski

Jul 17, 2023

Ryan has been an exceptional help with various projects. He’s helped me reach all my needs no matter how particular and has been honest, friendly and very professional. Couldn’t be happier with his service and the quality of products!

by Jay

Mar 10, 2023

My experience with Makers and more directly with Sal Ciaccio has been top level. He made the process so easy and clear to understand. He helped answer questions that I felt like were honestly a waste of his time. He took the time to answer each one by one and made me feel extremely comfortable with the process. Thank you Sal!

by christine chan

Dec 1, 2022

Thank you to Makers Nutrition Sal from Sales and Management helping us to smoothly produced our SOD product.

by Jude

Aug 25, 2022

A wholesome experience. Makers Nutrition has a great team that gets the job done. A success story. Thanks and Cheers to Patrick his team.

by Julia Quinn

Jul 26, 2022

It was my first time going through this process so I spoke to a number of different manufacturers to cover all my bases. My experience with Maker’s Nutrition was 5/5…while I got the feeling other companies were trying to take advantage of me (knowing I had never done this before), Pat and his team were responsive, courteous, diligent and honest. Pat took time to educate me and fully answer my (many!) questions. It’s obvious they want to see ME succeed. Thank you guys.

by Stephanie Speckhardt

Jul 18, 2022

I normally don’t write reviews, but had to take the time to share what a wonderful experience I had working with Makers Nutrition. Pat and his whole team made the entire production process a pleasure from start to finish. He was super responsive and always took the time to answer any questions I had throughout the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with the support our company received!

by James Lee

Jun 14, 2022

My experience with Makers Nutrition has been great. They are truly amazing! From design services to packaging and formulations I would say they are the best!

by Kevin Gray

Jun 8, 2022

I am truest impressed with their prices and quality of the products. Will continue to work with Makers.

by Maurice Maldova

Apr 20, 2022

I can only speak from my experience but working with Makers has been a game changer. Pat’s team has made it more than convenient for me to get answers and achieve the outcomes I was striving for. I look forward to working with Pat in the future.

by Renee Salisburg

Apr 5, 2022

Having worked with nightmare fulfillment centers, I was so happy to bring my business to Makers Nutrition. They have made the entire process of production ten times easier. Props to their whole team!

by Cathy Soto

Dec 29, 2021

Andrew was great! Answered my questions quick without wasting my time. Got a call about my quote within minutes. Min order is 1,000 fyi.

by Ashley H Corp

Dec 1, 2021

We haven't received our final bottles yet, so I will update the review once we do. I want to leave a review in the meantime to talk about my experience so far. We started with one Account Exec that left the company, and then were transferred to Ronald. Even though he was given our account in the middle of the development process, and there were minor issues caused by the previous account exec, Ronald has gone above and beyond to make sure we create a product we love. He takes time to answer all of our questions and walk us through every step of manufacturing. So far, we are very impressed with Makers thanks to Ronald!

by Sarah Hay

Jul 1, 2021

Makers Nutrition is a fantastically run company. Makers formulates the absolute highest quality supplements. Sal Ciaccio represents our line and is a true pro in the industry. His honesty, integrity and knowledge base has made our business easier to run and plan. Sal Ciaccio offers excellent strategic advice and is really our partner in the industry. We are lucky to have Sal as our Makers Nutrition representative. He is always true to his word and really cares about his customers which is rare in the supplement industry.

by Synticare Corp

Jun 1, 2021

We changed our product from another lab to this lab. We work with Pat and he has been GREAT to work with. He keeps us posted on what is going on with our orders. It is great to have someone who cares about you and your business. Thank you Pat and your team for all that you do!

by Dave Catudal

Feb 1, 2020

I can't say enough great things about Makers Nutrition. My brand manufactures ultra premium supplements and we have clients ranging from Olympic Athletes to Autoimmune sufferers so our products have to of the highest purity and quality. Every step of the Manufacturing process was smooth from the beginning and our final products were flawless. Sal was incredibly helpful and communication was always fast and clear. I highly recommend Makers.

by Isaac Ventura

Dec 1, 2019

Makers Nutrition has really impressed my company. You get what you pay for - top service and quality, great results.

by Giovanni Russo

Sep 1, 2019

My current product specialist Nikki is exceptional. I have dealt with reps from other providers and they were not nearly as helpful and cooperative. Honestly glad I found Makers - couldn't be happier with the label design as well. Maureen was outstanding in getting this project done!

by Colleen Davis

Aug 1, 2019

Impressive customer service and attention! Nick was a great help during the manufacturing process. My business partner and I were happy to be able to save some money, compared to a terrible experience with our last run at a different fulfillment center.

by Jacque Gibson

Jul 1, 2019

My company was searching for a new a manufacturer as business is far more than just packets, boxes and the bottom line. I was seeking a partner with the deep knowledge of my brands, goals, and missions that can help me stand out from the crowd. My on boarding process was handled by John Skijus, the utmost professional with spot on response timing, pricing, and honest feedback that ultimately helps both parties. We needed someone who can grow with my business, is efficacious, keeps up with the trends, and produces a luxury finished product second to none! I’m thrilled to be at Makers with John and their amazing team.

by Christian Sikes

Dec 1, 2018

Great experience! I was on the fence about trusting another manufacturer after having been ripped off with my first run. I was put through to the general manager Steve and he really sold me - I was very impressed b y the fact that he took the time to explain the process, non-disclosure agreement, and the nuances other companies don't even bother getting into. Much appreciated and happy to continue working with you guys!

by Sarah Whittaker

Nov 1, 2018

I have been through 6 different 3rd party logistics providers before settling in with Makers Nutrition, where I had my product manufactured in the first place. Previously, I could never get tracking info on a timely basis, my products were not going out on time, I could never get any inventory reports, inventory updates, etc. Rich at Makers Nutrition is like a machine. I feel like he works just for MY company. It is such a relief and such a pleasure not to have to manage my fulfillment center's business in addition to my own! Thanks Makers!

by Tamara Jordan

Oct 1, 2018

Here, I experienced an unparalleled level of customer service - my questions were always answered. If my representative did not have an immediate answer, he always got back to me promptly with more than enough information regarding my inquiry. I am very much impressed.

by Sarah Whittaker

Oct 1, 2018

Excellent across the board. A few years back I had an issue with a manufacturer who took my money and did not deliver. I was skeptical to trust another provider but I am glad I did. They really care about their work and it shows. They got my product right and now my company is doing better than ever!

by J. Cantor

Feb 15, 2014

Makers Nutrition lived up the promise of 4 week turnaround time, we will reorder with them again.

by M. Marino

Feb 15, 2014

We are so impressed by the product quality. The bottle and label photographed well, but most importantly the formula passed our internal QA.

by L. Chen

Feb 15, 2014

A fantastic service, I love the account rep I was assigned – responsive and thorough answers to all my questions.

by T. Gonzalez

Feb 15, 2014

The product that Makers Nutrition created for us has won awards and has been featured in several bodybuilding magazines.

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