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Superfoods and Collagen

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Superfoods and Collagen

All Private Label Superfoods and Collagen

More About Superfoods and Collagen

Want to offer customers a convenient product that does not slow them down? Makers Nutrition has created countless superfood Our stock superfood powders are packed with essential nutrients from spinach, spirulina, beet root, acerola berry, mango, and more!  Help your customers get their day going with an energy-aiding supplement with a partner you can rely on for superior support and consistent quality.

Collagen, the most ubiquitous protein found in the body, works to provide structural support and elasticity, enabling easy movement. It helps people lose weight while promoting skin that glows. Our stock hydrolyzed bovine collagen is tasteless and dissolves quickly. Ditch the supplement provider that manufactures subpart collagen products and choose Makers!

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