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Our private label formulas are the ideal solution for vitamin brands wishing to bring well-recognized formulas to market within a competitive time frame. We carry hundreds of high-quality formulas encompassing a broad spectrum of health and wellness niches—and best of all, the product pricing is affordable. The minimum order quantity for stock formulas is as low as 500 units, making them perfect for pilot programs and cross sell tests.

Logo and Label Design

Our stock formula service simplifies the process of your dietary supplement. Once you have chosen a stock formula for us to private label with your brand name, you will then need to supply us with a finalized label design file. If you do not have a label design of your own, our art department can create one for you. After your labels are printed, we will conveniently apply them to your private label package.

Already Have an Existing Label?

No problem! We'll resize your label design per our label specs. Simply send us your label artwork in vector format (AI, EPS, PSD) and our graphic designers will resize the label on your behalf.

Private Label Packaging Design

What is Private Label?

A private label is simply a line of products with a retailer’s name, sold by that retailer, but manufactured by another company.

There are tons of private label products out there—from skin care lines to pet products. In this case, Makers Nutrition is #YourSupplementSolution for all things dietary supplements. Since we are an all-in-one provider, private labeling supplements has never been easier.

Private labeling a pre-workout product and need a more cost-efficient manufacturer? We are your PLATINUM choice supplier. Already have the supplement manufacturing part down and need help labeling or packaging with a logo that stands out? Our graphics and printing departments have you covered.

If you are new to the nutraceutical industry, creating your own line of dietary supplements may seem daunting, but private labeling doesn’t have to be. That’s the thing. When you choose Makers Nutrition, you choose simplicity—because we like to keep things simple.

With us, you have the peace of mind of always knowing at which stage of the process your product is. Our specialists keep you in the loop at all times, and answers are just a phone call or email away.

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