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Probiotic Manufacturing Services
Creating High Quality Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic Experts

If you are looking for a high quality, dependable probiotic manufacturer, look no further than Makers Nutrition. The manufacturing facility is equipped with next-gen machinery operated by a talented team that is trained to manufacture probiotic supplements with high colony forming units (CFU)s.

Full Service Manufacturing Includes Probiotic Formulation, Design and Fulfillment.

Probiotic Manufacturing Services

We can create chewable tablets, capsules, or powders probiotic products -- easily marketable to consumers wanting to improve digestion and increase immunity.

Want to get started right away? Request a probiotic manufacturing quote by clicking the link below or calling us at at 1-844-625-3771.

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Our Approach to Probiotics

At Makers Nutrition, we believe quality is in the tiny details. That’s why we continually perfect our process and always maintain our commitment to precision. Probiotic supplements are manufactured with proprietary techniques to maximize CFUs, they can be made with with controlled release options and meet strict regulatory compliance.

The cultures in your probiotic supplement will a superior fermentation process where prebiotic fibers and digestive enzymes are used for premium-level preservation. While we strive to deliver only the most efficacious probiotic supplements possible, it is our approach to business that sets us apart from our competitors. We operate as an end-to-end health and nutrition supplement partner, capable of handling all aspects of your order: from the planning your probiotic formula, label and packaging design, to fulfillment.

Service Advantages

Expect the following service benefits when working with Makers Nutrition:

  • Involvement in every aspect of manufacturing, design, and packaging.
  • A variety of probiotic choices, including controlled release options.
  • The ability to customize your own probiotic formula based on digestive and immunity support goals.
  • Superior manufacturing processes that ensures your is manufactured with next-gen machinery.
  • The choice between capsules, tablet or powder delivery types.
  • First class customer service for orders of any size.
  • Products adhere to FDA labeling guidelines and cGMP manufacturing.
Advantages of Using Makers Nutrition for Your Probiotic
Our Commitment to Vitamin Brands that Sell Probiotics for Digestive Health

Our Commitment to You

At Makers Nutrition, we have highly qualified production specialists capable of handling your every request throughout the manufacturing process. Using stringently enforced practices that exceed industry standards, we are able to meet your manufacturing expectations. Rest assured that any probiotic supplement that is produced by Makers Nutrition will have a shelf life stability that will stand up to third-party lab testing.

We're a Dynamic Probiotic Manufacturing Service

At Makers Nutrition, we manage your vitamin manufacturing project in-house. That means we have control over your probiotic manufacturing job and you can count on us to quickly maneuver through any change orders you raise. Whether you need a large order of powder probiotics, specialty packaging of capsule formula, we can help. Contact us today for more information by calling 1-844-625-3771.

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