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Probiotic Manufacturing Services
Creating High Quality Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic Experts

If you are looking for a high quality, dependable probiotic manufacturer, look no further than Makers Nutrition. The manufacturing facility is equipped with next-gen machinery operated by a talented team that is trained to manufacture probiotic supplements with high colony forming units (CFU)s.

Full Service Manufacturing Includes Probiotic Formulation, Design and Fulfillment.

Probiotic Manufacturing Services

We can create chewable tablets, capsules, or powder probiotic products -- easily marketable to consumers wanting to improve digestion and increase immunity.

Want to get started right away? Request a probiotic manufacturing quote by clicking the link below or calling us at at 1-844-625-3771.

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Our Approach to Probiotics

At Makers Nutrition, we believe quality is in the tiny details. That’s why we continually perfect our process and always maintain our commitment to precision. Probiotic supplements are manufactured with proprietary techniques to maximize CFUs, they can be made with controlled release options and meet strict regulatory compliance.

The cultures in your probiotic supplement will a superior fermentation process where prebiotic fibers and digestive enzymes are used for premium-level preservation. While we strive to deliver only the most efficacious probiotic supplements possible, it is our approach to business that sets us apart from our competitors. We operate as an end-to-end health and nutrition supplement partner, capable of handling all aspects of your order: from the planning your probiotic formula, label and packaging design, to fulfillment.

Service Advantages

Expect the following service benefits when working with Makers Nutrition:

  • Involvement in every aspect of manufacturing, design, and packaging.
  • A variety of probiotic choices, including controlled release options.
  • The ability to customize your own probiotic formula based on digestive and immunity support goals.
  • Superior manufacturing processes that ensures your is manufactured with next-gen machinery.
  • The choice between capsules, tablet or powder delivery types.
  • First class customer service for orders of any size.
  • Products adhere to FDA labeling guidelines and cGMP manufacturing.
Advantages of Using Makers Nutrition for Your Probiotic
Our Commitment to Vitamin Brands that Sell Probiotics for Digestive Health

Our Commitment to You

At Makers Nutrition, we have highly qualified production specialists capable of handling your every request throughout the manufacturing process. Using stringently enforced practices that exceed industry standards, we are able to meet your manufacturing expectations. Rest assured that any probiotic supplement that is produced by Makers Nutrition will have a shelf life stability that will stand up to third-party lab testing.

We're a Dynamic Probiotic Manufacturing Service

At Makers Nutrition, we manage your vitamin manufacturing project in-house. That means we have control over your probiotic manufacturing job and you can count on us to quickly maneuver through any change orders you raise. Whether you need a large order of powder probiotics, specialty packaging of capsule formula, we can help. Contact us today for more information by calling 1-844-625-3771.

Manufacture a Probiotic Capsule - High Volume Capable

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are a combination of live beneficial bacteria and yeasts that naturally live in the body. You may wonder “isn’t bacteria bad?” Believe it or not, there are two kinds of bacteria that coexist on and within the body—good and bad. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help keep the body thriving and functioning properly, while also warding off the bad bacteria when there is too much of it. The goal of probiotics: balance for overall wellness.

What did the pandemic do for probiotic sales?

There has been an increased interest in probiotics that extend beyond the generic digestive health perspective. And most of that increase has to do with the pandemic. Reshma Rathi, vice president of operations at Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics said, “The pandemic has increased awareness and demand for probiotics in the past two years because they are among the dietary supplements shown to promote immune health.” Buffy Stahl, technology scouting and open innovation leader with IFF Health, also told NIE

“Unsurprisingly, we found an increased focus on immune health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And this trend is still going strong! In fact, in a recent survey, 16,000 U.S. adults declared immune health to be top of mind for 2022, with 46 percent reporting an interest in purchasing immune health products.” Now it makes sense that the global probiotics dietary supplements market was valued at over $6 million in 2020 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 7% through 2028.

What a daily probiotic can do

If you plan to make a difference with your dietary supplements while also profiting greatly, then you must consider which products can help people the most. Probiotic supplements, for example, are all-encompassing. They help the body digest food, keep bad bacteria in check, help promote healthy cells that line the gut to prevent bad bacteria that may have been consumed through food or drinks from entering the blood, and break down and absorb vitamins and other nutrients. By manufacturing probiotics with the nutraceutical industry’s top private labeler, your business can far exceed just a money symbol. You can serve countless individuals who are looking to bolster their digestive health, immune health, and beyond.

Who are your target probiotic consumers?

Yes, people should rely mostly on food sources for their probiotics. Yogurt, fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and tempeh; pickles, kombucha, miso—all great options to get a daily dose of probiotics. They comprise bacterial strains you may not have heard of, but sure have a lot to offer. If individuals have dietary restrictions, then they might be good candidates for probiotics in supplement form. Many consumers only think it’s necessary to take probiotics when taking antibiotics for an infection. But what they don’t realize is that supplemental probiotics can also help when they are experiencing infectious diarrhea, especially in children, or have medical conditions like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. These are all things to consider when planning out your claims and for which health benefits you want consumers to turn to your brand.

What is this talk about prebiotics?

Without prebiotics, there are no probiotics. Prebiotics act as food for good bacteria, stimulating growth among preexisting good bacteria, while probiotics are living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in the digestive system. The symbiosis of the two are vital to optimal gut, digestive, and immune health, as they work together to keep everything in balance. Depending on your current position in the wellness space, you may wish to start with one probiotic supplement, then build onto your line with a prebiotic supplement with quality just as high.

Turnkey supplement solution

If you are a startup that wants to test run a product that could do very well on the market, Makers Nutrition is your partner through and through. We know how difficult it is to find a supplement manufacturer that suits your needs, a graphic designer who gets it right, and a fulfillment center that warehouses product in adequate storage conditions. That is why we handle everything under one roof.

Delivery formats of probioticss

Through Makers Nutrition, you can order powders, capsules, tablets, softgels, and gummies. They can be distributed through stick packs, sachets, and more! It really all comes down to what your goals are and what your customers take to the most. Our team is fully prepared to manufacture your premium probiotic supplements and can produce them in whichever delivery format you’d like to test or simply prefer.

Stock Formula Probiotics

We carry mouth-watering, sugar-free watermelon gummies that you can offer consumers in weeks rather than months. These non-GMO gummies are inclusive of those with allergies and dietary restrictions, as they are also gluten free. This is important because people are ditching the GMOs and going with cleaner supplements altogether. Gluten is becoming a bloating ingredient that just isn’t required as it provides no essential nutrients. Instead, your customers can benefit from our clean gummies that offer complex healthy bacterial benefits in an enjoyable format.

Golden Gummy Manufacturing for private label

We serve as your premier gummy vitamin manufacturer, co-packer, and transporter. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to follow through on everything from the most detailed custom orders to the simplest ones. We don’t make our clients jump through extra hoops to request a quote, ask questions about what is in our private label products, and what our competitive minimum order quantities are!

Convenient capsule manufacturing

We also offer a stock probiotic capsule that is not only non-GMO, but vegan friendly and free of artificial colors. Packed with immune system supporting strains like Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus, you can easily offer enriched capsules to serve the need your customers have for better wellness.

Custom orders for probiotics

If you already have a polished probiotic supplement that your extensive research can back, then you should know that we can also manufacture custom formulas. While minimum order quantities may be a bit higher, you get the bang for your buck. Remember how I said we handle everything under one roof? The same goes for custom formulas. Your custom probiotics will be manufactured in a GMP facility on next-generation equipment, stored in a state-of-the-art fulfillment center that is climate controlled and monitored daily, and transported using the nation’s best carriers, fully insured. We really take your business on as our own because without you, there would be no success.

Custom gummy orders

When it comes time to choose a delivery format for custom gummies, ask your product specialist about what we can do. Our catalog of 10+ molds can make it more fun for your customers to chew flavorful, nutritional vitamins and supplements. Some of these shapes you may not have even thought of or considered but allow you to expand the horizon of possibilities for your private label brand!

Private label probiotic supplements

Whether you choose to take advantage of our stock options or go the custom route, our team strives to serve as the best private label supplement manufacturer that you will ever need. We are here for the long run. We don’t intend on creating a product for you and then cutting you off for other business. We foster long-lasting business relationships with our clients. When supply chain challenges drag other companies down, we feel it too, but remain committed to serving you as best we can. When those other companies drop out, we stay above water and hold you up. That’s just who we are.


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