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Customized Softgel Manufacturing: Shape, Size and Color

Softgel Experts

Our softgel manufacturing capabilities are robust and provide you the ability to create a unique dietary supplement. From customized color, shape, size, and coating, your options are virtually limitless. With our flexibility, high volume discount pricing, and low minimum order quantities, your supplement business is a few steps ahead of the softgel competition.

Benefits of Softgel Manufacturing

Simple Consumption: Softgels are widely believed to be the most convenient supplement, as consumers find them easy to swallow and fast-acting.

Easy Digestion: Since gelatin is easily digested, so are softgels, which then dissolve quickly when they reach the stomach.

Bioavailability: Softgels can deliver precise amounts of ingredients, including vitamins and minerals that are crucial to your customers’ health and wellness.

What are Softgels?

Softgels are a dosage consisting of a gelatin-based or cellulose-based shell surrounding a liquid fill. They are stable and usually carry a longer shelf life when compared to other forms of supplements such as capsules.

Why Softgels?

Consumers enjoy oblong, oval, and round softgels because of their smooth texture which makes them easy to swallow. A softgel shell houses your formula in liquid form, which has been proven to absorb into the bloodstream quicker than tablets and hard-shelled capsules. If your formula already offers vitamins and minerals that are often not found in sufficient volumes in the foods your customers consume, then this is a big advantage for both them and your supplement business, as your softgels become easier to market.

If you'd like to request a quote for softgel manufacturing services, you may click the link below or give us a call at 1-844-625-3771, otherwise explore more below.

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Softgel Manufacturing Options

Your softgels can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and shell colors. The encapsulation can be transparent, tinted with the color of your choice or be made opaque. We recommend an opaque shell for when a formula is light sensitive. Softgels can be scented to mask ingredient odors, which is popular for fish oils and other Omega-3 products.

Your softegel can be manufactured with an enteric coating, ideal for formulas that must be absorbed in the small intestines. Softgels can even be designed as chewables with flavored liquids inside.


  • Transparent
  • Opaque
  • Two Color


  • Scented
  • Enteric


  • Oval
  • Oblong

This chart represents our most popular softgel manufacturing options, please call 1-844-625-3771 if there's a specific manufacturing option that interests you.

Custom Gelatin Softgels

Makers Nutrition provides manufacturing services for high-quality gelatin-based softgels. Gelatin-based softgels have no taste, odor, or color, masking otherwise potentially unpleasant odors and tastes of active ingredients. Our manufacturing process prevents any oxidation or permeation of these active ingredients, so you never have to be concerned about customer complaints in that regard.

Custom Vegetarian Softgels

Our expanded softgel manufacturing capabilities now include some options for vegetarian softgels, which are gaining traction on the supplement market. We can help manufacture pectin softgels, which are completely plant-based, suiting your vegetarian and possibly vegan customers. Offering veggie softgels does not necessarily constrain your manufacturing options. We are currently working on expanding our white label pectin-based softgel formulas.

Enteric Coated

Enteric coating forms a barrier that breaks down active ingredients only in the small intestine. This is a benefit for both those who have a more sensitive digestive system and those taking fish oil supplements looking to avoid the fishy aftertaste. This is an important selling point for you, and may help attract customers, as they learn that with your softgels, they will not experience the fishy burps that usually come with fish oil supplements.

Softgel Quality Your Customers Can Trust

State-of-the-Art Encapsulation

The softgel manufacturing process is called encapsulation, which takes place in our state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facilities. Once encapsulation is completed, your softgels are dried, as any excess moisture must be removed from the shell, allowing it to shrink to become more durable. Your softgels are then packaged to your specification. Here are some softgel packaging options:

  • PET and HDPE bottles
  • Single-dose sachets
  • Multi-pack sachets
  • Blister packs

As a one-stop-shop softgel manufacturing service provider, we can take care of your graphic designing needs for a standout package and product label. Our in-house graphic designers are happy to work one-on-one with you to understand your goals and what kind of design you are looking to have represent your supplement business. Remember, first impressions can draw in or deter customers, so you will want to produce an eye-catching package and label design.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

It is crucial that your softgels are stored in the proper temperature and humidity controlled space, and completed to the highest standards. Before and after packaging, your private label or custom softgels undergo strict Quality Control testing to ensure that your dietary supplements are up to specification. At Makers Nutrition, we do not release any product unless it has fully passed a variety of testing, including GMP-compliance, microbial, and heavy metal testing. That way, you can distribute your softgels to customers free of worry about your product’s purity, quality, and safety.

Packaging Options Including HDPE bottles and Blister Packs
Stock Softgels for Private Labeling

White Label Stock Options

Our sister company Stock Softgels offers an array of ready-to-go formulas for the result of a high-caliber softgel product. This is a great opportunity for startups that are not too familiar with where to start in the softgel game and wish to launch one product at a low MOQ and see where that takes business. A free quote is the first step to success. Once you have done that, your product specialist will be in contact with you within 48 hours. From there, your softgel manufacturing project is well on its way!

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