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Qualifying Your Supplement Manufacturer

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How to Qualify Your Supplement Manufacturer

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Selecting the right supplement manufacturer involves taking a few moments to learn about the company you plan to hire. In addition to obtaining price quotes, ask questions and gather information about these companies. You might discover some manufacturers have deceitful merits, and when investigating further, some may be downright unsafe to use.

The below list serves as a guide for interviewing prospective supplement manufacturing companies. When a nutraceutical sales representative answers negatively to any of these questions, err on the side of caution because they just raised a red flag and uncovered a pitfall in their supplement manufacturing service.

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What is the Location of the Facility Manufacturing Your Supplements?

Ask Where Their Services Are Performed.

The ability to communicate directly with those working on your supplement manufacturing project can save you time and money. Let’s say you have a complex set of instructions that must be incorporated into a label revision, but it’s easier to explain them over the phone rather than in an email. Shouldn't you be able to speak directly with your assigned graphic artist? The same applies to order fulfillment account services, if you need to talk with someone in the warehouse. Be sure to ask where services are performed – if they are subcontracted out or performed by a vendor not physically located in the same building, you’ll likely endure endless back-and-forth with a middleman.

Does Your Supplement Manufacturer Answer Phone Calls?

Ask How Your Phone Calls Are Processed After Business Hours.

Getting a human being on the phone during business hours is a must, but what happens when you call your supplement manufacturer after 5:00pm? Maybe you will be instructed to call back during business hours, or routed to voice mail? Your supplement manufacturer does not take your business seriously if you cannot speak to a live person 24/7. So remember to ask what happens if you place a call after business hours.

Ask Your Supplement Manufacturer For Work References.

If the supplement manufacturer you are interviewing cannot supply work references, chances are they are not proud of their client list. Don’t accept vague answers; be sure your supplement manufacturer is willing to arrange a phone interview with their clients. When connecting with a reference, ask tough questions. Confirm if the relationship is still active and how long they have been using the manufacturer.

Does Your Supplement Manufacturer Have Liability Insurance?

Ask Your Supplement Manufacturer If They Have Product Liability Insurance Under Their Company Name And Make Sure They Have At Least $4 Million In Coverage.

Do not manufacture supplements with a company that has skimpy product liability insurance. Manufacturers are not the only ones subject to product liability exposure. Resellers are also part of the stream of commerce, so be sure the supplement manufacturer you plan to hire has enough coverage to protect their entity and yours.

Get a Tour of the Facility

Ask About Their Manufacturing Process.

More often than not a supplement manufacturer will advertise turnkey goods, but if your assigned sales representative is unable to explain what happens after your deposit is collected, tread cautiously. The process is either overly complex or you've found a company with inexperienced personnel. All sales agents at Makers Nutrition are knowledgeable and will be able to clearly set your expectations; we have publicly disclosed our process to help acquaint you with our methodology.

Certified Supplement Manufacturing Solutions

We can bring your FDA-approved supplements to market shortly after receiving approved label artwork. Our next-generation cGMP facility is amazingly robust and offers a full suite of machinery for product customization including: flavoring systems, secondary packaging, custom tooling and more. The chemists and technicians working on your formula love to craft nutritional products and take pride in completing every project to the highest quality possible.

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