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Manufacture an Herbal Supplement

Manufacture an Herbal Supplement

In both the natural products and herbal remedies markets, herbal supplements make up what is fast approaching a 100-billion-dollar-a-year industry worldwide. Herbal supplements are some of the most highly sought after nutraceuticals on the market, attracting savvy, health-conscious customers who seek a more holistic and natural approach to boosting and maintaining their overall health. To stay ahead of the curve in the highly competitive nutraceutical industry, consider offering herbal supplements as part of your product menu to attract a wider customer base.

For our herbal supplement line, we are proud to offer the highest quality herbal ingredients that are sourced worldwide. We can provide you with nutritionally rich, consistently manufactured products presented in eye-catching packaging. Our manufacturing process enables us to ship all products in as little as 4 weeks. When you work with Makers Nutrition rest assured that you can expect the gold standard in herbal supplements your customers will love and can depend on.

Why Choose Our Herbal Supplements

Why Choose Our Herbal Supplements?

At Makers Nutrition we approach herbal supplement manufacturing the same way we approach all of our product lines. We use only the finest ingredients, rely on an expert manufacturing team, and carry out quality control processes that deliver the finest herbal supplements available. We search worldwide for the best herbal ingredients and source them from around the globe. Our ingredients remain pure and fresh thanks to high turnaround. Lastly, we provide herbal supplements in a variety of delivery forms: herbal extracts, herbal capsules, and herbal powders.

When it comes to packaging solutions and label designs, our graphic designers have expertise in attracting that audience base and are known for their eye-catching graphics. And if you have an existing brand, we will happily revise your label design files according to the packaging specs. Know that we always strive to provide you with product satisfaction and great service.

Want to get started right away? Request an herbal manufacturing quote by clicking the link below or calling us at 1-844-625-3771.

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Herbal Supplement Manufacturing Services

At Makers Nutrition, we work to customize your needs in order to help you realize your individual product vision. We are renowned for our customer service. In other words we will always go the extra mile to meet your demands. Reordering is fast and easy, plus your high quality herbal supplements will always be in stock when you need to place an order.

Herbal Manufacturing Services
Advantages of Choosing Makers Nutrition for Herbal Manufacturing

Service Advantages

At Makers Nutrition we are diligent to provide you with the highest standards in herbal supplement manufacturing:

  • FDA-labeling expertise and guidance
  • Customized formulas designed to meet your exact needs
  • Quick 4-week manufacturing and speedy delivery, so you can meet your customer’s demands.
  • Affordable price tiers

Packaging Solutions

Depending on the product, your herbal supplements can be manufactured as herbal extracts, herbal capsules, and herbal powders. We are proud to offer a wide range of design and packaging options. Our expert design staff is well versed in providing state-of-the-art label and packaging designs to specifically appeal to the herbal supplement market.

At Makers Solutions, we offer free herbal supplement quotes and look forward to discussing your product needs. For additional information call 1-844-231-7271.

Herbal Packaging Solutions

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