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Order Fulfillment Services for Vitamin Brands

We've Got Your Fulfillment Needs Covered

Our vitamin fulfillment capabilities are incredible! We are your preferred partner because we bring a level of service that makes high-volume business opportunities possible. Our solution will plug-and-play with most mainstream shopping carts, online marketplaces and distribution outlets. Our fulfillment service reduces your costs because it intelligently shops for the lowest shipper rates, and since we service multiple businesses, you'll benefit from volume discounts.

State-of-the-art Warehouse

Your product catalog is scanned into our state-of-the-art 3PL software and stored in our fully customized warehouse facility. Barcode scanning equipment accurately updates your inventory in real-time when stock is replenished upon receipt of customer returns. Our solution is flexible and enables automation for B2C and B2B fulfillment.

Real-time 24/7 Reporting & Alerts

Access critical information about your business from our web portal anytime, anywhere in customizable XSL format. Our comprehensive suite of transactional, item and inventory reports organizes the information you need. Set up email alerts and stay on top of your inventory and shipping activities according to YOUR criteria.

EDI Capable For Major Distribution

Shipping your product across retail channels is achievable through our EDI solutions. Establishing EDI is straight forward, we support over 1200+ retailers and distributors and can accommodate 850/856/810 and other standardized exchange formats. Does your channel partner require transmissions in a proprietary format? We can establish those connections too.

Mainstream eCommerce Support

Our solution integrates with the most popular shopping carts including Magento Commerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, CS Cart and others. We'll automatically download and process your cart's orders; we'll append tracking numbers to your shipments, and we'll continually transfer inventory data so your web store reflects accurate stock counts.

Carriers and Volume Discounts

Our fulfillment systems support a practical selection of shipping methods from each carrier. As orders are processed, we optimize your carriers to reduce shipping costs. We also offer freight services for pallet and skid deliveries. Benefit from volume discounts and our vendor partnerships including low shipping rates and affordable packing materials.

Direct Marketplace Support

Order receiving and fulfillment through online marketplaces doesn't need to be a parallel process. Our solution directly connects to Amazon and eBay and automates sku mapping, shipping, tracking notifications and inventory updates. Orders received through online marketplace channels are neatly segmented in our reporting for convenient reconciliation.

Top-notch Fulfillment Solutions

Big Commerce
CS Cart

Our Order Fulfillment Service

Your vitamin and supplement business needs a technically capable order fulfillment provider so it can effectively ship its orders and meet the demands of its customers. There’s more to order fulfillment than packing a box and shipping it out. A successful vitamin business must safely warehouse its inventory and have quality packing materials on hand. Prepare pick lists, shipping labels, order receipts, inserts and other instructional documentation. Have the right mix of carriers and dynamically select the method of transit based on delivery time and cost. Schedule and process order data according to anticipated order volume and carrier pickup times. Keep close tabs on product inventory and alert managers to help prevent an out-of-stock event.

Order Fulfillment Service
Warehousing for Vitamin Brands

We're The Sensible Fulfillment Solution Provider

Our fulfillment experts realize the above considerations directly translate into dollars saved. They will listen to your requirements and make recommendations that work for your business. And unlike other supplement manufacturers, with us, there is no cost to ship product from the lab to our warehouse.

Fulfillment Program Pricing


BASED ON 75CC - 625CC HDPE & PET Bottles

High Density Polyethylene Bottles (HDPE)
Polyethylene Terephthalate Bottles (PET)

1st Item Per SKU: $1.50

*Each item after the first is billed at $0.40 as long as it's packed together.

Example: 5 of the same SKU in 1 box.

$1.50 x 1 (initial item charge)

$0.40 x 4 (charge for additional items)

Total Fulfillment Charge: $3.10

Example: 3 different SKUs in 1 box.

SKU #1: $1.50 x 1 (initial item charge)

SKU #2: $1.50 x 1 (initial item charge)

SKU #3: $1.50 x 1 (initial item charge)

Total Fulfillment Charge: $4.50

Example: 3 items per SKU, 2 different SKUs, 6 total items in 1 box.

SKU #1: $1.50 x 1 (initial item charge)

$0.40 x 2 (charge for additional items, SKU #1)

SKU #2: $1.50 x 1 (initial item charge)

$0.40 x 2 (charge for additional items, SKU #2)

Total Fulfillment Charge: $4.60

**Glass Bottles, Jars, Tinctures Require special handling and packaging materials to insure products arrive intact**

Please call today 1-844-Makers1 (844-625-3771) for your fulfillment pricing for your glass packaging and shipping.


Price per Skid: $30.00 / month

Minimum Requirement

There is a $2,000 minimum fulfillment required per month. The minimum is based solely on fulfillment charges. If the minimum is not met, the client is responsible for the difference. Once the minimum is met, all additional shipments are billed at standard rates.


$5000 Deposit due upon Fulfillment Acceptance ($1,000 non-refundable initial setup fee, $2,000 shipping security, $2,000 fulfillment security. Both security deposits are refundable as long as all outstanding invoices are paid in full.)

Additional Charges

Cart Connection Fee - $500.00 (one-time and non-refundable, if applicable).
Catalog Management Fee - $150.00 per hour (sku/fulfillment adjustments or modifications, etc.).

Shipping Carriers & Methods

You can Select from:
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS 2nd Day
  • UPS Overnight
  • FedEx Smart Post
  • FedEx Home Delivery
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx International Mail
  • USPS Letter Post Airmail
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail Express
  • USPS First Class Mail
  • Parcel Direct
  • Parcel Direct Standard A
  • DHL Express
  • Standard Freight Services for Palette/Skid Shipping

*Shipping is billed separately based on carrier charges with a 5% fuel surcharge.

**Fulfillment Charges & Shipping Charges are billed weekly / Storage & Difference billed monthly

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