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Collagen Protein Supplement Manufacturing

What is Collagen Protein?

The body’s most abundant protein, collagen is made up of a variety of important amino acids (including glycine, hydroxyproline, and arginine), which support the optimal health of hair, skin, nails, and connective tissue. While many consume collagen through bone broth, meat, eggs, fish, seafood, beans, and dairy, sometimes it is challenging to ensure adequate daily intake. With age also comes the deterioration of the body’s natural collagen consistency, making this glue that holds everything together, so to speak, weak and less available to the body. Enter collagen supplementation.

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Why Collagen Protein Supplements?

Collagen is a hot commodity on the dietary supplement market, and for good reason. While in the past it was known for its skin health benefits, promoting smooth, glowing skin, today it is consumed for far more. Here are some of the benefits this amino acid-rich protein has to offer:

1. Bone Health

Bones naturally comprise collagen, giving bones strength and structure. Research shows that taking collagen protein supplements may help reduce bone breakdown that could lead to conditions such as osteoporosis. Some credit collogen’s bone supporting agency to its ability to increase bone mineral density, which is vital to bone health maintenance.

2. Muscle Mass

Studies have proven that collagen may promote muscle synthesis of muscle proteins like creatine. With increased collagen intake, creatine becomes more present, serving your customers even after they have exercised. Consider collagen when manufacturing your next preworkout and postworkout supplements.

3. Heart Health

Since collagen provides structure to arteries, the blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body, we would be in trouble without it. To keep arteries strong and HDL cholesterol levels where they should be, offer customers a collagen protein powder. With our high-quality manufacturing capabilities, your supplement can be the one that helps keep customers’ hearts pumping with power.

4. Joint Pain Relief

Perhaps most touted for its ability to promote joint mobility, collagen protein supplements have become one of the most popular private label products used for joint pain relief. It has been proven to help reduce inflammation, thereby mitigating symptoms of joint conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Collagen Powder, Capsules and Gummies

Types of Collagen Protein

There are over 20 different types of collagen. The most researched, manufactured, and offered through private label supplements, however, are types I, II, and III. Here are some of their features:

Type I:

The most prevalent type of collagen in the body and considered most effective for skin health. Since levels of type I collagen begin to decline after age 25, it is wise to offer young adults the opportunity to boost their collagen intake to proactively promote finer looking skin. But that’s not all. Collagen peptides are mainly composed of type I collagen, helping to support healthy tendons, organs, and bones.

Type II:

Although type II collagen is less prevalent that type I, it is often found in supplements, and is vital to the skeletal system. With that knowledge, your active and athletic customers could enjoy the bone health benefiting and joint pain relief effects of a type II collagen-focused supplement.

Type III:

The least prevalent type in the body, this collagen is found in muscles, blood vessels, intestines, and the uterus. It is often identified as a key component in wound healing and is often formulated in combination with type I collagen to promote a healthy gut and improve skin elasticity. For the latter reason, type III collagen products appeal to older people who wish to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

Popular Forms of Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen powder, aka collagen peptide, is perhaps the most popular format of collagen supplementation. Why? Hydrolyzed collagen is usually flavorless, dissolves quickly, and stirs easily into your customers’ favorite beverage or meal. Interested in offering customers this bone and joint-benefitting powder? Makers Nutrition conveniently offers the finest hydrolyzed collagen protein powder available for your private labeling from our ready-to-go white label inventory. We also welcome your custom collagen protein formula which can be manufactured as a tablet, capsule, powder, or gummy. Of course, all quotes are free to request.

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Marine Collagen

Marine Collagen protein is sourced from fish to cater to customers who choose a pescatarian diet. Fish-based collagen is environmentally sustainable, since the majority of the by-products of fish processing becomes waste, which is primarily fish skin. While bovine-based collagen also produces waste, marine collagen produces far less greenhouse gas emissions than bovine.

Chicken Collagen

Chicken Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in chickens that plays an important role in cartilage structure, bone health, and other tissues throughout the body. It is often used to improve the symptoms of many conditions such as back and neck pain, pain caused by surgery, and arthritis. It can help support the immune system, skin, digestive health, and exercise performance.

While powder is the most popular form, collagen can be manufactured with other ingredients in capsules, tablets and gummies. Makers Nutrition offers stellar peach-flavored multivitamin collagen gummies through our private label program, available to you at low minimum order quantities. If you would like to also offer mixed berry collagen gummies, we have them readily available as well!

Private Label Collagen Supplements and More

Remember that supplementation is supplementation. By that, we mean your customers must be reminded of the importance of whole foods. Meat, fish, and eggs are great sources of collagen, although lean meat may not comprise adequate amounts of collagen. If your omnivorous customers do not ingest enough fruits, fish, and vegetables, their collagen levels may be insufficient. In that case, branch out by offering them private label vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can help reach collagen adequacies.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and zinc all affect proper collagen production. Often found in foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, cashews, and spinach, your private label supplement business can offer high-quality supplements manufactured by Makers Nutrition to support your customers’ collagen status.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids work to protect the body’s collagen stores from free radical damage and inflammation. If your customers do not already ingest enough omega-3 through foods like mackerel, salmon, chia seeds, soybeans, and oysters, then your private label omega-3 softgel can do much more than ensure optimal collagen function, as this unsaturated fatty acid supports heart health, eye health, and brain health. We offer a variety of beneficial omega-3 supplements to complement your collagen products through our sister company,

Our Client-Care Approach

Here at Makers Nutrition, we treat our clients the way you treat your customers. We strive to satisfy your manufacturing, design, packaging, and order fulfilment needs as much as you strive to satisfy your customers’ dietary needs.

Protective Packaging

Our collagen is packaged and stored in a cool, dry environment, away from sunlight and moisture. Whether it is bottled or in gusset bags, you can count on Makers Nutrition to keep your supplement in the best condition.

Diversity in Choice

Although powder is indeed the most popular form of collagen on the market, we can manufacture your supplement product in the form of tablets and capsules. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, so our ears are always open to your ideas.

Shipping Made Easy

Makers Nutrition can ship your finished product anywhere in the continental USA, fully insured, with our qualified carriers. We are also integrated with all the top e-commerce platforms so we can offer our clients the best fulfillment services available. Our clients are also welcome to pick up their own freight from our GMP distribution center. However, should you prefer your freight to ship, Makers Nutrition has you covered. Call 1-844-625-3771 to inquire about or fulfillment services.

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