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Among the many different kinds of elderberry plants that exist, the flowers and berries of Sambucus nigra, aka European elder, are the most observed and utilized in herbal formulas. Working as an antioxidant, elderberry helps clear the body of free radicals that harm DNA. Its antiviral makeup can also prevent the severity of certain common sicknesses.

Elderberry Gummy Manufacturer

Preventative Supplementation

Elderberry has been hailed for housing antioxidant effects, indicating its ability to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and other complications. Among those complications are influenza. It is believed that during flu season especially, elderberry has the potential to stimulate the immune system to rid the body of threatening viruses that may cause illness.

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Cold and Flu

While it may not prevent cold and flu, elderberry has been used for centuries as a home remedy to minimize symptoms, such as those affecting the upper respiratory airway.

Elderberry Supplements Support Immune Health to Help Combat the Cold and Flu
Did You Know Elderberry Supplements Contain Anthocyanins which Slow the Production of Nitric Oxide?

Pain Relief

Anthocyanins aid in the reduction of inflammation, and those in elderberry act by slowing the production of nitric oxide—the signaling molecule that triggers inflammation in response to disease or injury—by the body’s immune cells. With more nitric oxide present, swelling and pain may be relieved.

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Nutrition’s next-generation manufacturing capabilities produce high-quality supplements, which is why our private label clients enjoy an abundance of success due to our endless customer service and quick response time. When you partner with Makers Nutrition, you partner with excellence. Never settle for less.

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Market Elderberry to Customers Who Travel

Traveling Customers

We know now more than ever the importance of washing ones’ hands, but we can’t always rely on others to play their part. Help your customers play theirs by offering private label elderberry gummies that can support proper immune system function. When they are on the go, your customers will have the peace of mind taking a supplement that promotes a healthy infection-fighting response.

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