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In the health and fitness industry, protein supplements are some of the most highly demanded nutraceuticals on the market. Does your company need to manufacture a protein supplement that blows away your competitors and keeps your customers satisfied? To survive in this industry, you'll need a great tasting, nutritionally rich, consistently manufactured protein supplement with attractive packaging that tells your story and sells your product. Makers Nutrition is the leading protein manufacturing service provider because no one can beat our quality, client support, and results-driven manufacturing practices.

Premium Protein Powder

Benefits of Manufacturing Protein with Makers Nutrition

Makers Nutrition provides a premier protein powder manufacturing service with unmatched industry expertise. With us, naturally bland protein powder can taste delicious and keep your customers coming back for more. We source only the finest raw material ingredients to create a high-quality protein supplement and we are the industry leader in flavoring. Our manufacturing process is precise and allows us to ship finished goods with a competitive time frame. This is possible because your protein is manufactured in a facility equipped with next generation machinery. When you work with Makers Nutrition, expect a premium protein supplement that your brand can proudly stand behind, and one that your customers will love.

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Whey protein is arguably the most popular dietary supplement and nutraceutical powder. As are other powders, whey protein can be added to liquids and soft foods like applesauce. It is most often enjoyed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for the following reasons:

  • When strength training, taking a preworkout protein may promote protein synthesis during a strenuous workout
  • Whey protein has been shown to support muscle recovery post-workout
  • Whey protein may help lower blood pressure in people with elevated levels
  • Whey protein promotes the production of glutathione, one of the body’s main antioxidants, thereby supporting the body’s overall defense mechanism against illnesses. Less time sick means more time devoted to exercise
Whey Protein Manufacturing
We Manufacture Casein Products


Casein has high nutritional value because it comprises essential amino acids, phosphorus, carbohydrates, and calcium. Calcium caseinate helps bodybuilders and athletes prevent catabolism, as casein is known as an “anti is known as an anti-catabolic” protein. What does this mean? The body basically tears down, muscle tissue to get the amino acids that are stored inside muscle protein. The body uses these stored amino acids for energy and various functions, including growth and development. The more your customers exercise, the more their body is going to search for available protein to keep it functioning. Anti-catabolic supplements provide amino acids that help minimize this breakdown process, sparing hard-earned muscle mass.

Who uses casein protein powder? This slow-digesting dairy protein powder shows to be highly effective for muscle growth and may be helpful to individuals interested in burning fat.

Egg Protein

It is widely known that eggs are a great source of protein. In powder form, egg protein provides all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot be made by itself. Next to whey protein, egg protein is the second highest source of leucine, the BCAA that plays the largest role in muscle health.

Who uses egg protein powder? CrossFit competitors, weightlifters, and those looking to increase their protein intake all enjoy egg protein powder. It can be mixed into shakes and help your customers work towards their muscle growth and recovery goals.

Egg Protein Manufacturer
Soy Protein Manufacturing

Plant-based Protein

Although animal-based supplements comprise higher protein contents, your private label supplement brand can offer vegetarians and vegans the opportunity to enjoy protein supplementation with plant-based options. These protein powders can be sourced from hemp, brown rice, soy, chia, flax, and so on.

Who uses plant-based protein powder? Dietary supplement users whose digestive systems do not do well with dairy-based proteins, like whey. Remember, some people are committed to a healthy vegan diet, and not all plant-based products are vegan. Therefore, it is extremely important that your protein manufacturer ensures that the derivatives of your protein powder are solely plant-based with no animal byproducts.

Why Choose Our Protein Solution?

Our Direct Approach to Protein Manufacturing

At Makers Nutrition, our approach to protein supplement manufacturing is straightforward. Use only the finest, best-tasting ingredients, secure the most talented manufacturing team, and execute a set of quality control processes that ultimately produces great products. We can make premium whey isolates, whey concentrates, casein powders, soy protein supplements and so much more.

Consistent Protein Supplement Quality

Many consumers have turned in their gym memberships and created at-home workout stations. While the location may have changed, their supplement quality does not have to. If you are used to receiving high-quality private label protein powder, but are looking for more value, Makers Nutrition is an excellent protein manufacturing partner. We encourage you to take advantage of our full turnkey protein supplement services so you can promote healthy living through your private label supplement brand.

Service Advantages

When you work with Makers Nutrition, you receive the following service benefits that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere:

  • FDA labeling expertise and guidance to help you avoid potential issues or complaints
  • Custom formulation that meets your specifications
  • GMP-compliant manufacturing and quick delivery
  • Affordable pricing tiers that allow you to reduce your cost per unit
Gain Advantages When You Choose Makers Nutrition to Manufacture Your Protein Powder
Agile Protein Manufacturer

Agile Protein Manufacturing for Your Business

At Makers Nutrition, we believe flexibility is the key to realizing your product vision. We can manufacture many different types of protein supplements including shakes, capsules and traditional powders. The level of service that we provide is second to none, and we're willing to go the extra distance if challenged. Reordering is a cinch. Your customers can expect their favorite supplements to always be in stock and of the highest quality.

Packaging Solutions for Protein Supplements

Makers Nutrition offers a variety of packaging options that are convenient and efficient. We typically fill jars, single dose packets, and even capsules. Our limitations are seemingly non-existent and we frequently work with our clients to meet specific needs and requests. After all, our approach revolves around product satisfaction and great service.

Whether you need large cases or jars or small single dose packets for easy distribution, we are able to adapt to your specific needs. At Makers Nutrition, we offer free protein supplement manufacturing quotes and look forward to discussing your individual needs. For more information, please contact us today by calling 1-844-625-3771.

Packaging Options for Your Protein Formula
Top 5 Protein Supplements Manufactured

The Top 5 Protein Supplements Manufactured

  • Hydrolysate Protein
  • Soy Protein
  • Casein Protein
  • Whey Isolate Protein
  • Milk Protein

Do these ingredients interest you? Request a quote on Protein Supplement Manufacturing to learn more.

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