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Low Pricing on CLA

You don't need to sacrifice quality to manufacture CLA supplements at your target price point. At Makers Nutrition, we offer ultra-refined CLA raw material for inclusion in your custom formulation. The most commonly requested conjugated linoleic acid is Safflower Oil w/ 80% CLA content, made from the Safflower seed. Quotes on this particular CLA variant are consistently lower than those given by our competition.

We encourage you to stop price comparing now, pick up the phone and tell our sales team exactly what kind of CLA supplement you'd like to manufacture. We are confident that you will not regret this decision.

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CLA Supplement Formats

CLA is commonly manufactured in a softgel format, but we have the ability to create unique CLA powders that appeal to bodybuilders. This is achieved by using microencapsulated CLA and blending it with other ingredients like protein, raspberry keytones, etc. Should you decide to create a CLA powder, our flavor gurus can make it taste delicious.

One of Makers Nutrition's strong suits is the company's emphasis to treat supplements like gourmet food -- we have a department entirely devoted to a flavor research and development, one such service is competitor analysis. Should your CLA supplement requires this level of service, we have it.

Service Advantages

Partner with Makers Nutrition and gain the top class service, you receive the following service benefits that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere

  • Aggressive pricing helps you get CLA at the lowest cost per unit.
  • Streamlined manufacturing that gets you CLA product in 4-weeks.
  • In-house design department for the nicest looking CLA packaging on the shelf.
  • True CLA formula customization and flavor crafting service for powders.
  • cGMP facility by the FDA's standards.

CLA Product Design Studio

Your CLA supplement presentation will affect how customers' see your product fitting into their lifestyle. Our design department understands this and can create product packaging tailored to your audience. Is your CLA supplement is for hardcore bodybuilders, sports enthusiasts or for casual consumers trying to achieve weight loss? Tell us about your target buyer and we'll provide several design options for you to choose from. Already have a label? No problem, just send us a design file for proofing.

4-Week Turnaround on CLA

The GMP certified facility where we manufacture all CLA products comes equipped with next generation machinery with high production capacities. This allows us to produce supplements in large volumes, accurately, within 4-weeks production time. So what are you waiting for? Get pricing on CLA right away by calling 1-844-625-3771 now.

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