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Powder in the Raw

Though our collagen comes in capsule and tablet form, the most commonly-requested is powder. There is no taste to our South American grass-fed collagen protein powder. It mixes well due to its highly soluble physical and chemical properties. Collagen comprises hydrolyzed collagen peptides, compounds consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, this powder promotes elasticity and unity of hair, skin, cartilage, bones, and joints.

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Why Collagen?

Collagen is one of the top supplements on the market today! Found in bone, skin, muscle, tendons, and tissue, collagen is the most ample protein in our bodies. This substance plays a major part in our keeping our skin strong, strengthening muscles and joints, and repairing body tissue. As we age, our bodies lose collagen—though aging itself does not cause this depletion. Collagen is lost because our exposure to pollutants, smoking, and overexposure to UV light. From restoring energy after a strenuous workout to plumping up skin and reducing wrinkles, our variety of collagen supplements can help your customers.

Protective Packaging

Our collagen is packaged and stored in a dry environment, away from sunlight and moisture. Whether it is bottled or in gusset bags, you can count on Makers Nutrition to keep your supplement in the best condition.

Diversity in Choice

While powder is the most popular form of collagen on the market, we can manufacture your supplement product in the form of tablets and capsules. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, so our ears are always open to your ideas.

We Ship Everywhere

Our experiences warehousing and distribution staff will diligently pick and pack your merchandise for domestic and/or international shipping. We will ship direct-to-consumer and to all major retailers, professional offices, department stores, pharmacy chains, and specialty stores using all types of carrier services. With deep involvement in supplement manufacturing and unmatched customer service, packaging design, and fulfillment, we can make a difference in the success of your product.

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