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Creams, Serums & More

We offer custom cream manufacturing solutions encompassing all types of personal care products including lotions, emulsions, serums, gels, cleansers, polishes and more. We'll help you formulate a unique personal care product and carefully select botanical & nutrient enhancers, textures, thickening agents, color and other customizations.

Our fully capable cGMP compliant cream manufacturing service lets you develop a full suite of skincare, soaps, sunscreens, cosmetics, oral care, hair care and other topical products that consumers love. The advanced technologies and procedures employed to manufacture your cream ensures exceptional product consistency and stability. Want to learn more? Request a quote to find out more about our full suite of cream manufacturing capabilities.

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Let's Design Your Product

Makers Nutrition offers an incredible cream manufacturing service from start to finish. First, we'll closely work with you to formulate your personal care product. Simultaneously, our graphic artists will design the label and mechanics of your packaging.

Upon finalizing the artwork, we'll expedite the manufacturing and testing of your product. We clearly explain all of the steps that go into the manufacturing process in the early planning stages – so you know exactly what to expect as your product vision turns into a reality.

Product Packaging for Your Cream

We design custom packaging for your personal care product, including tubes, vials, jars, pens, pots, bottles, pumps, according to your product needs. Packaging materials are designed to optimize product freshness as well as consumer-friendly product dispensation. Our experienced graphic design department will design packaging that truly reflects your product identity. When you manufacture creams with Makers Nutrition, expect a totally customized product, unique skinned to standout in the marketplace.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

Our cream manufacturing service utilizes next generation technology to prepare and fill your work order. We pay close attention to product purity, offering stringent quality control measures with frequent testing of raw materials and finished product. Whether your order size is large or small, we can conduct scale-up batching to meet your requirements. All manufacturing is cGMP compliant and strictly adheres to quality control standards and operational protocols. As your cream work order progresses through the different stages of manufacturing, it is assigned a code and your production specialist can keep you abreast and communicate ETAs.

Industries Product Genres Filling Options Category Options
Pharmacy/Grocery Ointments Tubes Creams
Beauty & Cosmetics Moisturizers Jars Lotions
Skincare Cleansers Bottles Serums
Salons Toners Airless Pumps Liquids
Direct-to-Consumer Masks Vials Gels
Hotel / Hospitality Soaps/Shampoos  
Medical Sunscreen
Natural Health Scrubs
Professional Services

This chart represents our most popular cream manufacturing solutions, please call 1-844-625-3771 if there's a specific manufacturing option that interests you.

Fulfillment Services

Let us handle the fulfillment of your personal care products while you focus on growing your business. Our secured warehouse provides optimal conditions for the storage of your precious merchandise. Out of the box, we provide a set of reporting tools to help you stay on top of your inventory and orders. Clients who want a deeper integration with our fulfillment operation may utilize our APIs for real time reporting. We offer many out-of-the-box solutions to help you connect your order receiving systems to our fulfillment house for fast deployment.

We Ship Everywhere

Our experienced warehousing and distribution staff will diligently pick and pack your merchandise for domestic and international shipping. We'll ship direct-to-consumer and to all major retailers, professional offices, department stores, pharmacy chains and specialty stores using all types of carrier services. With deep experience in cream manufacturing and unmatched customer service, packaging design and fulfillment, we can make a difference in the success of your product.

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