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Taste Matters

Product experiences are shaped by the senses. In the nutritional supplements industry, consumers are particular about flavor. Most powder supplements of the past were chalky and unappetizing; but today there is a growing effort to improve the flavor of products. Distributors won't stock unsavory products and consumers will call it quits before realizing a health benefit.

At Makers Nutrition, we see product flavoring as an opportunity to achieve brand superiority. We believe a lasting experience is formed the moment a customer tastes flavor. This impression strongly influences repeat purchases and helps brands become known through word-of-mouth. That's why we established a team of flavor experts to help us develop better-tasting supplements by pairing the most appropriate extracts with your formula.

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Our Approach to Flavor

We'll perform research and development on your company's behalf. First we'll analyze the raw ingredients in your formula and establish a flavor profile. We'll then identify similar products in the marketplace, review their ingredients, and taste test them. Our flavor experts evaluate how well your competition has blended their flavor, and depending upon the potential for improvement, they will recommend either “flavor matching” or “crafting a new flavor” for your supplement. For instance, if your competitor's Concord Grape Pre-Workout product scored a perfect 10, we'll advise against outdoing their grape flavor. However, if they scored a 6, there's an opportunity to make a better-tasting grape product.

After deciding on a target flavor, our experts will artfully select enhancers and balancers from a comprehensive catalog of botanical extracts, essential oils, natural plant juices and aromatic compounds. Flavoring and sweeteners can be natural, artificial or a combination of the two. These selections are based on your product goals and how they fit in the marketplace.

Our experts will taste test a prototype from the lab and tweak the formula until they are satisfied with the flavor. Taste testing happens during the manufacturing Q&A to minimize delays.