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Deciding on Design

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 6, 2019

Deciding on Design

When it comes to packaging your dietary supplement, the key is to remember you are packaging a brand… YOUR brand. And we want that brand to thrive. Just how much of a role do graphics play into it all?


According to Nutritional Outlook, today, knowing the right balance between providing consumers with adequate product information without overwhelming them, and creating a distinguishing brand message is vital to drawing an audience. Kevin Smith, the founder of a boutique packaging, website, and graphic design firm says “Sometimes there are ingredients or benefits that are protected by a patent or backed by some exclusive university study, but for the most part, many manufacturers are able to put the same ingredients into the product with low or no barriers to entry” (nutritionaloutlook). This is what makes the industry so competitive and products difficult to differentiate.

Don’t Underestimate

Your customers are well-educated people and they know what to look for. Avoid the roadblocks of selling by simply giving the people what they want: the truth. Provide the health benefits, the ingredients, and exactly why your brand is the one that is in their best interest to take. Simultaneously, you’ll be marketing your product with purpose. To help steer the way, Makers Nutrition’s graphic designers are up to par with industry trends and what fits best. In other words, we know how to surpass the blending-in dilemma and make your dietary supplement product stand out. Give us a call, we are eager to assist!

Information + Design

Our knowledge coincides with the marriage between information and design. Smith suggests “The most cost-effective design is to be creative in your approach to using stock packaging so that the end product feels very much like custom-designed packaging.” Fun fact: Depending on your order, Makers Nutrition offers a variety of stock bottles and colors, etc. for you to choose from. A graphic design manager tells Nutritional Outlook that color selections continue to trend brighter and in some cases even include tactile features to stimulate the consumer both visually and tangibly. “Adding some kind of tactile/texture feature or matte versus gloss effect to the shrink sleeve or to the label goes that much further to capture the consumer’s attention and get them to pick the product up off the shelf.” We know how crucial it is to entice the consumer’s senses--this is what ultimately secures the purchase.

The Side Deal

Side panels can serve as a wealth of product information, from key ingredients, amounts, and benefits. Make it easy for customers to observe and learn why they should purchase your product. Reel them in with convenience. Nothing is more frustrating than having to search a bottle for something as simple as what’s in the supplement. Let your side panel do the job.

The Wrap Up

Pun intended, the way you decide to wrap your product can deter a customer. If you take into consideration, however, the importance of the points made above, in addition to adding a personalized way to connect with consumers, be it a website or a QR code, your dietary supplement is bound to soar on the market!


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