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  • The Sunshine Supplement
The Sunshine Supplement

Some 40% of American adults are low in Vitamin D. It might be helpful to know some warning signs of a lack in the sunshine vitamin. Thanks to Karla Walsh of Prevention, we’ve got the top three down below:

1. Feeling Weak

If you ordinarily have a pep in your step with lots of energy, and all of sudden you’re feeling exhausted, even though you got 8 hours the night before, beware. This could be a sign of a Vitamin D deficiency that spills into affecting your ability to lift, run, and jump to your highest standards. Adequate Vitamin D levels have been found to positively influence muscle strength, while lacking it can limit muscle contractions.

2. Sweating

Michael Holick, MD, author of The Vitamin D Solution, says that while it’s difficult to determine if newborns are deficient in Vitamin D, a sweaty forehead is one of the telltale signs. As Walsh reports, “the same rings true for adults, so if you’re “glowing” while your activity level remains steady, your body temp is close to 98.6°, and your environment isn’t too crazy hot, you may want to consider talking with your doctor about getting your vitamin D levels tested” (prevention).

3. Down in the Dumps

Stacking evidence is proving that a lack of Vitamin D can actually cause depression, especially during seasonal affective disorder.

4. Ouch!

People who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or arthritis might really be deficient in Vitamin D. Dr. Holick claims “it’s often subtle, but some experience aches and pains in the bones, known as osteomalacia.”

Sources of Vitamin D

Yes, the easiest way to absorb the sunshine vitamin is in fact, exposure to sunshine. Keep in mind: the American Academy of Dermatology still advises that wearing an SPF of 30 or higher is vital if you want to prevent skin cancers from developing. During the darker seasons especially, here are some foods to stock up on: eggs, cheese, mushrooms, fortified cereal, yogurt, milk, or orange juice.

But of course, consult with a licensed physician to determine the status of your Vitamin D levels in order to take necessary measures.

Why Vitamin D is Important

Vitamin D takes the lead in proper cell growth, and helps the body absorb calcium while reducing disease-causing inflammation.

Don't Overlook It

Neglecting a deficiency in Vitamin D can increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure by two and half times. Lacking Vitamin D can also raise the chance of certain cancers, dementia, and depression, among other health conditions.

While the topic of Vitamin D may sound trite, some of your customers are new to Vitamin D. There will always be people whose education on the matter is lacking, and so are their Vitamin D levels. Here’s your chance to play an important part in the lives of those who need it! Create a Vitamin D-packed softgel or capsule today with the help of your premier dietary supplement manufacturer!


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Our Response to COVID-19

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