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Can Dietary Supplements Help Thyroid Disease?

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 8, 2020

Can Dietary Supplements Help Thyroid Disease?

There are some 20 million Americans who currently have thyroid disease. Medications may dictate which supplements can and cannot be taken to improve conditions. Though everyone with a thyroid condition should discuss with their doctors before taking any supplement, it is becoming evident that Makers Nutrition’s white label supplement manufacturing services can equip your brand with a product to help your customers maintain better thyroid function and overall health.

1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is crucial for people with hypothyroidism since the B vitamins have many interactions with the thyroid’s purpose and hormone modulation. According to MaryAnne Metzak, RD, CDN, a registered dietitian based in New York, it’s best to take a nutritional supplement that includes the entire B complex, and your customers may need additional vitamin B12 if a blood test reveals their levels are low. While food sources include milk, nuts, legumes, yogurt, whole grains, seeds and dark leafy greens, a premium B-complex tablet or capsule can be made in a cGMP-compliant facility to be labeled with your brand name. This is unique avenue for vegan and/or lactose intolerant individuals. Something to consider!

2. Vitamin D

Another important nutrient, Vitamin D is shown to improve TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels in people with hypothyroidism as well as thyroid antibodies in people with autoimmune thyroiditis. There is a strong link between Vitamin D deficiencies and people with hypothyroidism, so individuals with this particular form of thyroid disease could benefit greatly from your private label supplement. A healthy diet goes a long way with hypothyroidism. Encourage your customers to adopt healthy eating patterns, as RD, MPH Denise Londergan, a registered dietitian advises “eat an anti-inflammatory diet full of lots of fruits and vegetables and unprocessed foods, and limit sugar.”

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids (mainly EPA and DHA) are widely believed to especially help those with autoimmune thyroid diseases due to their content of immune-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties. While omega-3s can be consumed by eating fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel and tune two to three times a week, a great option is a fish oil supplement. Choose from our sister company’s many softgels here!

4. Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Some research points to thiamine as a fatigue-reducing agent in people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Autoimmune thyroid diseases such as Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease/hyperthyroidism can cause reduced absorption of thiamine even with adequate consumption. Therefore, supplementation might be a logical solution for those with such conditions. Clearly, there is a need you can serve, and you will have all the resources to do so when partnering with Makers Nutrition, an International People’s Choice Stevie winner for Favorite Companies.

Creating a Channel of Health

It is extremely important that you inform your customers to speak with their doctors about taking any supplement. Even the slightest excess dose of nutrients such as iodine or selenium can cause dangerous effects. Safety is number one always.

When safety is established and your customers are educated on what will work best for them, your private label supplement line can be the one they need.


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