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Coronavirus-Spurred Sales: Private Label Longevity

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 29, 2020

Coronavirus-Spurred Sales: Private Label Longevity

The global vitamin and mineral supplement market is expected to jump from $51.70 billion (2019) to $61.16 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 18.3%. It is anticipated to then steady itself and climb to $74.61 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 6.85%. What role is Makers Nutrition playing amidst this industry boom and what can the white label service provider do for your private label success? Read on to find out!

Consumer Trends

Pre-COVID, people were already hopping aboard the organic train, but now? Consumers switching over to organic supplements is a major trend in the vitamin and mineral supplement market. The virus is linked to the consumption of animal meat, which is an impetus for change in how people are eating, purchasing and, ultimately, living—causing an upsurge in demand for organic and vegan products.

“With the rise in health-consciousness across not only America, but the world, our team has seen a spike in consumer interest, said Executive Vice President Steve Finnegan. “From gluten-free gummies and organic superfood powder, to a variety of immune-supporting supplements, orders are pouring in.” Timing is everything, but especially now with virus concerns, people are giving their wellbeing a second thought. Brands are offering an increased number of customers products that will help navigate a pathway to better health. They are also utilizing Makers Nutrition’s award-winning ready-to-go private label stock formulas to create supreme supplements sooner rather than later.

But why are so many private label supplement business owners flocking to Makers? “We are the most reliable full-service provider because we are always here for our clients,” shares Pat Gillespie, VP of Sales. “This is something returning clients know and something new clients quickly learn. Most companies you call bring you straight to voicemail—or worse, you send an email and never receive a response. Makers Nutrition prides itself on two-person teams because there is always someone here to speak with you about your account. Whether it is through phone or email, during business hours, one of our representatives is always available to speak.”

What We Know

Makers Nutrition is the busiest it has ever been, with vitamin C-rich orange slice and flavorful elderberry gummies, as well as other immune-supporting supplements being made every single day. The company is committed to providing non-stop customer care, having never missed a beat during the pandemic. Need a quote? Request one here. Want to chat live with a specialist? Call us. We are #YourSupplementSolution and we can’t wait to help you write your success story.

Taking Action for Better Health

As Makers Nutrition continues to practice social distancing and take all necessary precautions to protect both its employees and clients, business is thriving because consumers are thriving. They want to eat, breathe, and live better. In response, large retailers and private label brands of all sizes are launching timely immune supplement lines. You may be thinking of launching a new product, you may be building onto an already-existing line. Maybe you’re in a completely different arena. Whatever your case may be, we are all ears and #readytowork.


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