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Bone Health Supplementation: Who’s Buying and How Your Private Label Brand Can Help

Bone Health Supplementation: Who’s Buying and How Your Private Label Brand Can Help

There is no doubt that the market for bone health supplements is alive and well. Your private label brand could offer not just women, but men and consumers of all ages a better chance at healthier bones as they grow older. Read on to learn more.

The Need for Calcium

Calcium continues to dominate the bone health sector of the dietary supplements market. It is the most recognized ingredient by consumers, and for good reason. Vice President of science and technology for supplements company Pharmavite explains “Our bones are living tissues that provide structural support and mobility for the body as well as a major storage site for nutrients like calcium. Bone tissue is constantly being remodeled throughout life. During childhood and adolescence, new bone tissue is formed and broken down, allowing bones to grow. During adulthood, bone remodeling—i.e., the removal and replacement of bone—replaces brittle bones and releases calcium and other minerals when needed. Bone degradation begins in our mid-30s, leading to inevitable loss of bone mass as we age.” This is why it is vital that your brand offers calcium supplements for customers of all ages. It is never too soon to get ahead of bone health—which is why even teens are encouraged to attend to their calcium and vitamin D levels, bringing me to my next point.

Sunny D

In childhood, the natural production of vitamin D upon UVB ray exposure is at its highest, but by the time we are 18 years old, that production tends to slip a whole lot. So, it is a good idea for parents to instill healthy habits now, before the iPhones and tablets contribute further interrupt their children’s overall health and wellness. Kids, get outside, absorb the sunlight, get that vitamin D! I know, the sun doesn’t grow your sales, but a need for supplements. Indeed, there will always be a demand for vitamin D supplements. Why? Because skin health is just as important as bone health. The application of sunscreen masks the absorption of UVB rays, thereby preventing the synthesis of vitamin D. While a 50-year-old woman may be encouraged to take a daily vitamin D softgel, many millennials are physically active and focused on the prevention of bone injuries or future bone health issues. The younger crowd is taking an interest in high-quality bone support supplements, why shouldn’t yours be the one they choose?

Widening Your Reach

Your customers—young, old, male, female—need bone health supplementation. Of the 10 million Americans diagnosed with osteoporosis, an estimated 80% are women. Since estrogen aids in bone health, women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis compared to men because of hormonal changes at menopause. Women are the most interested in bone health supplements, so it makes sense to target women’s health. On the other hand, this category is much larger today, as we know bone health is not something to stall. Vitamin D levels decline with age, no matter who you are. While calcium and vitamin D is naturally found in some foods, supplementation is a good idea for those who are at higher risk or developing bone conditions, as well as those simply interested in getting ahead of the game. Your brand could target a wide range of consumers, and you may find great success in doing so.


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Our Response to COVID-19

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