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Sweetening Up Supplements with Allulose: The Natural Alternative to Sugar

Sweetening Up Supplements with Allulose: The Natural Alternative to Sugar

If your private label supplement line is all about natural approaches to better health, this article is for you.

When presenting a custom formula to your supplement manufacturer, which ingredient’s purpose is to sweeten things up? Stevia? Monk fruit? Erythritol? Well, these are good options if you want to offer something better than straight up cane sugar. But what if we told you that a plant-based ingredient could top stevia, monk fruit, AND erythritol?

ALLULOSE is the new sweetener in town, and your private label business could thrive by including it in your next supplement. Allulose has been used for quite some time overseas, but it is still new to many American-based companies. This sugar occurs naturally in a few foods such as fruits including raisins and figs—anyone else LOVE figs?

Get This

Allulose is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar and has ZERO effect on blood sugar. Yes, you read right. A much healthier sweetener option, allulose is processed by the body differently than glucose and fructose. In fact, allulose may even help improve insulin resistance and lessen abdominal fat.

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Allulose is “absorbed into your blood from your digestive tract [and] it is eliminated in the urine without being used as fuel.” This means that allulose has no effect on blood sugar levels. Think of your customers who have diabetes, or those at risk of developing heart disease. This ingredient could be the one that converts their mindset about health and wellness.

Measurable Benefits

Research has found that allulose helps burn fat. It also suggests the ability to protect against fatty liver disease, a condition associated with “insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.” Need I say more? You’ve got it! Allulose has about one-tenth the calories of table sugar, while early research points to this sweetener’s anti- inflammatory properties, with the potential to prevent obesity. Your private label supplements, when manufactured by a GMP-compliant, FDA-registered facility, could help so many consumers reduce their waistline and achieve the health goals they’ve been reaching for. “Sweet” does not need to mean “bad for you.” Allulose is a great example why. Remember, mindset.

As Always

That said, everyone is different, and your customers should be advised to always consult a licensed healthcare physician before consuming any dietary supplements. Call us today for the next step in creating your supplements with some allulose!


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Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

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