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Stock Formulas

Our stock formulas are the perfect solution for vitamin businesses that wish to bring well-recognized formulas to market in just 2-weeks. We carry hundreds of high quality formulas encompassing a broad spectrum of health & wellness niches -- and best of all, the product pricing is affordable. The minimum order quantity of our stock formulas is 500 units, making them perfect for pilot programs and cross sell tests.

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Hundreds of Private Label Formulas

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Work with our private label consultant to identify the right formula. You only need a label design to proceed with the Makers Nutrition private label service. If you do not have a label, we can design one for you. With finalized label prints, we’ll conveniently apply them to your private label supplement, so you can focus your attention on selling your new product.

Private Label Formula Choices.

  • Bodybuilding Formulas Formulas
  • Sports Formulas
  • Men's Health Formulas
  • Omega-3 Formulas
  • Women's Health Formulass
  • Multivitamin Formulas
  • Sexual Health FOrmulas
  • Hair, Skin & Nail Formulas
  • Digestion Aid Formulas
  • Energy Formulas
  • Sleep Aid Formulas
  • Brain & Cognitive Formulas
  • Immunity Support Formulas
  • Eye & Vision Formulas