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Gummy Supplement Popularity on the Rise

Perhaps the fastest-growing market in the nutraceutical industry is that of gummies. While you may think children are the go-to target consumer group, adults take up a surprising chunk of the gummy vitamin demographic chart. Many adults are finding gummies more appealing than capsules or tablets because they already take enough pill-form medication. Their combined interest with parents who purchase gummies for their children is contributing to the gummy vitamin market more than doubling in just a few short years.

Your Private Label Gummy Manufacturer

If your current gummy manufacturer is not full turnkey, then you are with the wrong company. Makers Nutrition provides private labeling services that encompass the entire supplement process, from manufacturing and graphic design to packaging and fulfillment. Your supplement business deserves top treatment, so you should expect nothing short of excellent.

Benefits of Gummies

Our clients have found much success by offering customers gummies manufactured through our award-winning services. Here are some reasons why their customers are pursuing gummies over other vitamin formats.

  • Flavor: Instead of a rather bitter pill to swallow, gummies can be manufactured with delicious flavors, most popularly, mixed berry.
  • Colors: Who doesn’t love color? We have handled gummies in all sorts of flavor-complimenting colors. We can facilitate the manufacturing of gummies that are lemon flavored and yellow, or gummies that are strawberry or apple flavored and red.
  • Enjoyable delivery: We think it’s safe to say that gummies are just plain fun to eat. Gummies offer all the healthy benefits achievable through capsules, tablets, and softgels, just with a flavor that has customers coming back for more. That is, of course, if you choose a gummy manufacturing company you know will follow through and deliver like Makers Nutrition.

Makers Nutrition will produce affordable gummy vitamins within low minimum order quantities. To request a quote for gummy vitamin manufacturing services, you may click the link below or give us a call at 1-844-625-3771, otherwise explore more below.

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Why Choose Our Gummy Bear Nutritional Supplements?

Custom Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing Services

We are the nutraceutical industry’s top gummy supplement provider for the reasons why were we chosen as a People’s Choice Favorite Company for products and services. Makers Nutrition handles high-quality gummy vitamins and gummy supplements that are manufactured with machinery that churns out the largest orders in competitive time frames, allowing our clients to enjoy high volume discount pricing.

Stock Gummy Supplement Manufacturing for Private Label

Our private label program offers dozens of gummy supplements, ranging from vitamin C gummies and biotin gummies to apple cider vinegar gummies and prenatal gummies.

Manufacture a Dietary Supplement in Different Sizes, Shapes and Flavors

Service Advantages

At Makers Nutrition we will work with you so that you receive the highest standard of gummy bear supplement manufacturing:

Bulk Pricing

Larger quantities for a cheaper per product cost.


Popular formulas designed for children and adults.

Competitive Turnaround

Bring your gummy vitamin product to market faster.


FDA-labeling expertise and guidance.

Gummies Manufactured for Adults and Children

Children’s Vitamins

We know getting kids to eat all their fruits and vegetables can be a task. That is why we excel in serving up berry blast multivitamins and other great-flavored vitamin-rich gummies for children.

Adult Multivitamins

Interest in clean labels is growing rapidly, which is why health brands that offer non-GMO, vegan, and artificial color-free gummies are running laps around other brands that fail to evolve.

FDA-Registered, GMP-Compliant Gummy Manufacturing Facilities

Be it a private label custom formula or stock gummy, we produce gummies that are only certified fresh, convenient, and high-quality. Why? Because Makers Nutrition handles gummies in facilities that are FDA registered, GMP compliant, and audited annually to ensure that our procedures are carried out safely, appropriately, and accurately.

Manufacture a Great Tasting Gummy Supplement
Packaging Options for Gummy Vitamins

Packaging for Gummy Vitamins and Gummy Supplements

Once your gummies are manufactured and cooled, we then move onto securely packaging them. By this point your graphic designer has produced an outstanding new logo for your supplement brand and has laid out the packaging design for your flavorful and beneficial gummy product. The next step is applying these labels and packaging these gummies to your specification. While most of our clients choose bottles for gummies, you may also choose to package your gummy supplements in bags.

Gummy Supplement Options

Gummy Supplement Options

Makers Nutrition proudly serves supplement businesses who appreciate diversity in product. We can produce high-quality gummies that are:

  • Sugar Free
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Vegan
  • Geletin-based
  • Pectin-based
  • And More!

These are only a few of our gummy manufacturing capabilities, and we welcome your inquiries at 1-844-625-3771. If you are well-established in the dietary supplement industry, then you may know exactly what you are looking for and what you need from your gummy supplier. In that case, request a quote and let’s get right to work!

Building a Gummy Vitamin

If you are still testing the waters on the market and wish to start small before building out a private label line, your product specialist will be happy to discuss industry trends and what sells well. With years of experience and client success stories, we can help guide you towards your business goals.

Popular Gummy Shapes

When it comes to shapes, there is indeed variety. Your vitamins can easily be manufactured in the popular form of gummy bears, stars, ovals, berries and more. If you don’t see a shape below and have something else in mind for your custom gummy supplement, feel free to ask us through a phone call, email, or social media.

But that’s not all! Our gummy manufacturer capabilities far exceed any website page, and we welcome your quote request and inquiries regarding the types of gummies we handle and hope to serve as your gummy supplier soon.

Popular Gummy Supplements

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: Most popular today are apple cider vinegar gummies. These apple shapes contain all the digestion supporting, weight loss helping, immune health promoting benefits customers could ask for. ACV gummies are widely believed to “clean the body” with their detoxifying properties, while their antioxidant content works to improve skin appearance from the inside out. One of the biggest benefits of ACV gummies, however, is the lack of a sometimes cringeworthy taste from which customers are so often deterred when they drink apple cider vinegar on its own.

Multivitamin Gummies: Millions of consumers are choosing multivitamin gummies over multivitamin capsules or tablets. They are chewy, delicious, and nutritious.

Good Morning Gummies: With late worknights and school papers that were written last minute, sometimes people need an extra dose of energy in the morning. A quality, caffeine-containing, nutrient-rich gummy can help make your customers feel prepared for the day’s agenda.

Good Night Gummies: Before turning in for the night, there are plenty more tasks to get done. With your high-quality sleep supporting gummy, however, your customers can turn to your supplement brand for the rest and relaxation they need. Many of our clients choose to include ingredients such as ashwagandha, which helps relieve stress, magnesium, which promotes relaxation, and melatonin, which helps for a deeper, more restful sleep.

What kinds of products do your gummy manufacturing services cover?

Contract manufacturing can sometimes cancel out options for business owners and their customers. Makers Nutrition handles the largest orders of all sorts of gummies, from prenatal to probiotic. We can provide gelatin-based and pectin-based gummy vitamins that are available in different shapes, colors, and flavors. With a pleasing, soft texture, our gummies can be processed free of gluten, soy, dairy, egg, and peanuts. We offer private label stock gummy options that cut costs and time for your supplement brand. Those options include everything from nutrient-rich children’s and adult multivitamins to immune system supporting vitamin C, elderberry, and apple cider vinegar gummies. Click here to learn more!

Do you provide manufacturing services for vegan gummies?

As a company that complies with all cGMP guidelines and that is registered with the FDA, we proudly provide services for supplement businesses looking to create vegan gummy alternatives. In line with the large variety of gummies we handle, Makers Nutrition works with vegetarian and/or vegan gummies that adhere to your customers’ dietary requirements. Considering the estimated number of vegans around the world is 79 million, we make it easy for you to expand your consumer base by offering products free of any animal derivates. While high-quality gummy supplements sell well in general, veganism is growing more and more popular by the day.

In which shapes and colors can I have my gummy supplements manufactured?

When you partner with Makers Nutrition, your gummies can be manufactured in a wide range of shapes and colors. Gummy bears, buttons, square, stars, gumdrops… the list goes on, and one of our Product Specialists would be happy to show you other options for your custom gummy supplement order.

What are your gummy flavoring capabilities like?

Our flavoring capabilities are broad, and we can duplicate some of the top-rated flavored gummies that are on the market, from the fruitiest of flavors to the tastiest sugar-free gummies. Our next-generation equipment has served our clients well—so much so that our clients attest to our flavor profiles tasting better than those they were previously selling while partnered with another supplement manufacturing company.

I am unhappy with my current contract manufacturer who makes my custom gummy vitamins. Why should I switch the Makers Nutrition?

You may be unhappy with your current contract manufacturer’s customer support. You may be unhappy with their subpar products. Founder and CEO Jason Provenzano built Makers Nutrition on three principles: customer service, high quality, and cost effectiveness. With around-the-clock response times, we offer superior quality with high volume discount rates for your gummy supplement orders and beyond. With guidance from an expert compliance team, your product label is created and scrutinized to ensure full FDA compliance to avoid any complications that would offset your supplement’s success. Unlike other supplement manufacturing service providers, Makers Nutrition does things right the first time and never leaves you hanging. We far exceed expectations for every client. We provide nothing short of excellence. Why settle for less?

I am just starting out in the dietary supplement industry. Do you see success with startups who choose to launch gummies?

Yes! In fact, some of today’s most popular supplement brands started out in your position just a short time ago because they chose to manufacture gummies with Makers Nutrition. Dietitians, nutritionists, and market analysts can all agree that gummy vitamins are increasing in popularity, specifically with a younger demographic. Why? Because they are easy to take and delicious. You’re not the only one sneaking an extra morning multivitamin gummy!

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