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What You Need to Know Before Manufacturing Gummies

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on September 27, 2021

What You Need to Know Before Manufacturing Gummies

If the health and safety of customers is a core value of your supplement business, then it is vital that your gummy manufacturing is held to as high a standard as is your capsule, tablet, softgel, and powder manufacturing. When your supplement service provider is FDA-registered and follows GMP guidelines, then your gummy supplements are in good hands. Here’s why.

FDA Registration

Many supplement manufacturers claiming to adhere to the highest of safety standards are not even registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an organization which ensures consumer safety. When you work with a supplement partner such as Makers Nutrition, you gain the peace of mind that your products are handled with care. The partner does everything possible to offer nothing but safe, quality products for your customers.

GMP Guidelines and Gummy Manufacturing

The FDA provides Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, by which all FDA-registered facilities must abide. That is, if the facility claims to be FDA registered. If your gummy supplement provider is not already following strict GMP guidelines, then your gummies may be manufactured to a subpar degree and in unsafe conditions. From the people manufacturing the gummies to the processes the gummies undergo, GMP adherence is the foundation of safety for your customers and success for your brand.

Quality Assured

Once you have locked down a supplement manufacturing company that is FDA-registered and follows GMP standards, you are one step closer to soaring supplement success. With GMP, you know your products go through rigorous quality assurance testing, from sourcing through the finished product and many processes along the way. Our detail-oriented QA team is proud to observe, detect, and resolve issues that may arise through these processes to provide our clients only the safest dietary supplements.

Beyond Gummy Manufacturing

When you have chosen Makers Nutrition as your gummy supplement manufacturing partner, you will learn that we don’t stop at manufacturing. We offer many service advantages, from popular formulas for both children and adults, to product labeling and packaging design.

Stock Options

If you are a startup looking to start off modestly, we can work with you on low MOQs and provide the same level of service we do the industry’s biggest brands. If you are launching your first ever product, we offer private label stock gummy formulas for your convenience. Saving you time and money, Makers Nutrition carries ready-to-go Vitamin C Gummies, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Elderberry Gummies, and more! Whichever target consumer you have in mind, we have a stock product just for them.

Custom Formulas

High volume discount pricing puts us ahead of other supplement manufacturing companies. Its importance will make itself known when you find with your first run that Makers Nutrition is the #1 choice provider of supplement services. We are happy to discuss your custom fish oil, multivitamin, or calcium-rich gummies and how we are the most cost-efficient, quality-driven service provider for you!

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