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Collagen Benefits

  • Hair, skin, nails
  • Bone health
  • Performance

Collagen Manufacturing Formats

Hair, skin, and nail products never of out of style on the supplements market. You can create an entire dietary supplement centered around collagen that promotes a glowing look, or you can promote muscle growth and joint health for optimal workouts. Either avenue, Makers Nutrition excels in powder manufacturing, with an emphasis on protein. Offering stock protein items allows our clients to extend their sports nutrition line easily and in days rather than months. Our protein manufacturing capabilities ensure that your bovine collage peptides, fish-derived collagen, isolate or concentrate powder is produced safely and sans the caking mayhem you have experienced with past supplement manufacturers. We also welcome your custom collagen protein that satisfies your customers’ palates, as our flavoring systems have helped supplement businesses surpass all expectations in sales and in users’ exercise performance.   


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