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Why Red Superfood

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 1, 2017

Why Red Superfood

If you’ve visited the supplement market as of late, you will notice just how ubiquitous red superfood products are. And rightly so! They are infection-fighting, antioxidant-filled, and anti-carcinogenic. Makers Nutrition is one of the leading manufacturers of custom red superfood products. We offer our clients the ability to make top quality red superfood blends in their own custom formula in our FDA registered facilities. And for those customers looking for a lower minimum order quantity order and quick turnout time, Makers Nutrition offers a top quality red superfood blend as part of our award-winning private label line.

While our private label product includes 20 outstanding superfood ingredients, here are some of the highlights:

Reds Proprietary Blend:

Flaxseed Oil

Deriving from the seeds of the flax plant, Linum usitatissimum, flaxseed oil contains both omegay-3 and -6 fatty acids. The oil has the ability to convert alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is the omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil (umm).

Why add it?

Heart Health

Because flaxseed oil is rich in ALA, it helps to prevent heart disease. ALA makes platelets less “sticky,” “reducing inflammation, promoting blood vessel health, and reducing risk of arrhythmia” (umm). Evidence shows that people with high ALA diets substantially reduce their risk of suffering a fatal heart attack.

Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s syndrome is a “systemic autoimmune disease that affects the entire body,” in which the immune system attacks glands in the body that produce moisture (i.e.: salivary, tear glands). (sjogrens). Symptoms include extreme fatigue, chronic pain, extensive dryness, neuropathies, and lymphomas. Dysfunction may occur in the kidneys, liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal system, blood vessels, and central nervous system (sjogrens). With nearly four million Americans are currently living with this disease, Sjogren’s syndrome is one of the most common autoimmune diseases out there. What does this have to do with flaxseed oil? Evidence suggests that taking 1-2 grams of flaxseed daily can help improve the symptoms associated with this disease (umm).


We have already established that the ALA content in flaxseed oil is heart healthy. Scientific evidence indicates that flaxseed oil aids in preventing the breast tumor growth, also because of the ALA content (umm).


Lastly, flaxseed oil has proven itself as an effective mineral oil in relieving constipation (umm).

Rubus Occidentalis/Black Raspberry

Antioxidants, known for protecting the body from cancer-causing free radicals, are found in both red and black raspberries. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry published a study in June 2002 which found black raspberries had higher antioxidant capacity than red ones. Another study found that black raspberries “possess extremely strong pro-apoptotic effects” (healwithfood). Apoptosis is a natural process that the body uses to rid itself of unnecessary or irregular cells. When it comes to cancer, research proposes that raspberries’ anti-cancer properties reside in “ellagic acid, a phenolic acid that has proven anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties” (healwithfood). More and more research points to raspberries as a benefit to cardiovascular health by combating high blood pressure and inhibiting LDL oxidation. Interestingly, the anti-inflammatory benefits of rubus occidentalis gives hope to those who suffer from ulcerative colitis. In March 2011, the journal Carcinogenesis treated an experimental mouse model of the condition with freeze-dried black raspberries for seven days. After the seven days, there was a considerable drop in expression of several pro-inflammatory cytokines, which damage the colon lining, increasing the chance of colon cancer (healwithfood).

Papaya Fruit Powder

Papaya, according to Super Organic Foods, is a rich source of vitamins, phytonutrients, and enzymes. All three function to combat illness. Three of the papaya’s strongest enzymes, papain, chymopapain, and carpaine, calm the digestive system, preventing common digestive issues, including ulcers. Carpaine stabilizes the intestinal environment, fostering flora growth in the digestive tract, thus providing a healthy place for proper vitamin and mineral absorption. The fruit is also high in Vitamins A, B, C, and E (superorganicfoods).

Arabic Tree Gum Powder

Also known as E414 or acacia gum, Arabic tree gum powder comes from the sap of acacia trees. It is a combination of proteins and complex polysaccharides (awakeningstate). Arabic tree gum makes for an emulsifying agent because it holds mixtures together when they commonly would not blend well. As a pharmaceutical ingredient, arabic tree gum is used in medication to treat stomach and throat inflammation. While the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, E414 was approved as a food and drug additive (awakeningstate).

Why add it?

Arabic tree gum is a major source of dietary fiber. According to evidence by nutritional specialists, a 1-tablespoon serving of Arabic tree gum powder has 6 grams of fiber. This is good news for people with type 2 diabetes, as soluble fiber slows the absorption of sugar and lowers blood sugar levels. Even if you do not have diabetes, a high fibrous diet means lowering your risk of developing the disease (awakeningsate).

Remember that these are only a few of the beneficial ingredients in Makers Nutrition’s Red Superfood. High in polyphenols, carotenes, and phytonutrient antioxidants that are found in superfoods such as bananas, blueberries, and walnuts, Red Superfood is delicious, nutritious, and great for any time—even for post-workout recovery!


To learn more about Makers Nutrition’s Private Label Stock Program please visit us at and give us a call today!


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