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Super Stock Cosmetics

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 31, 2018

Super Stock Cosmetics

From prenatal to anti-aging supplements, you know Makers Nutrition offers a large variety of stock formulas ( We are now adding a line of exceptional STOCK COSMETIC FORMULAS for you to choose from for your own private label!

If you are a seasoned dietary supplement company, perhaps you want to shake things up a bit. Here is the perfect opportunity to extend your successful product line by adding another avenue. It’s 2018 and people are more health-conscious than ever before! What is being consumed is now just as important as what is being applied. I am talking about SKIN CARE.

Why skin care is so important

Proper skin care is about staying healthy. When we do not give our skin the right attention, we are more at risk for sores, rashes, wrinkles, and acne. We then become more susceptible to infections, diseases, and are more likely to develop scars after injuries. Neglected skin can appear dull, having lost hydration. Unhealthy skin may also lead to a decrease in elasticity causing skin to sag and even appear thin. Besides, when we care for our skin the way we should, we can be less inhibited about our appearance. YOUR brand could be the reason why so many customers are able to live their lives more fully with more vibrant skin (

YOUR brand could be the reason why so many customers are able to live their lives more fully with more vibrant skin.

“Moisturization is KEY”

This is something we hear ALL THE TIME on television, read in magazines, and are told by DIY vloggers reviewing the latest skin care products. And there seems to be a lot of truth to it! From reducing skin blemishes to looking younger, moisturizing can make a huge difference. Luckily, our CREAM formulas encompass rich ingredients including Vitamins A and E, glycerin and shea butter—ingredients which not only moisturize skin, but lock that moisture in to keep skin hydrated.

Super Stock Cosmetics

“Wash Your Face”

Another phrase you are bound to flip past in a health magazine. Did you know that if you completely stopped washing your face your pores would become clogged, which could then turn into a serious case of acne? Dry, itchy, red and irritated skin should also be expected. Not the mention your skin appearing greasy, aged, oily, and downright dirty! Our CLEANSER formula includes some of the most effective cleansing ingredients that work to remove oil-based dirt and debris, while keeping the skin hydrated.

Why Makers Nutrition is the way to go

We carry 8 high quality formulas for you to choose from. The best part—product pricing is AFFORDABLE. The minimum order quantity of our stock formulas is 2,500 units, making them perfect for pilot programs and cross sell tests.

Okay, maybe you aren’t a seasoned company and are just starting out and trying to build your brand. Why not start with an industry leader, Makers Nutrition? Here, your brand is our priority. Ready to create the next best skin care product? Visit to learn more about our most popular stock cosmetics and request a quote! Let’s get to work!


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