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A Day in the Life: Coconut Oil

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 9, 2018

A Day in the Life: Coconut Oil

What comes to mind when you think COCONUT OIL? Does an image of someone in Whole Foods choosing the best brand of organic product come to mind? It may surprise you, but that someone is one step ahead of those who are not using this extremely beneficial SUPPLEMENT.

COCONUT OIL is not only multi-faceted but widely used across the globe. Why? Because no matter the time of day, it can make SOMETHING better. Make WHAT better, you ask? Take a journey with me throughout my day to find out… with a fun round of Q & A!


A. Wake up
B. Eat breakfast
C. Hop in the shower

Can you guess which part(s) of the morning I use coconut oil? ANSWER: Both C and D are correct!

B. Breakfast = Steel cut oats with chopped up apple PLUS a bit of coconut oil. That’s right! Heart healthy, cholesterol-lowering, and metabolism-boosting COCONUT OIL in my oatmeal. Why do add it? It keeps me full for quite some time! Scientists suspect that coconut oil’s interesting effect on hunger may be related to the way the fatty acids in it are metabolized, having a positive effect on weight and body composition (eatthis). The lauric acid in this oil is also a potential anti-viral, anti-bacterial agent (perfectmorsel). Besides, coconut oil adds a buttery richness to the mix. DELISH!

C. Coconut oil makes for a great hair conditioner to nourish damaged hair from drying it so often in the winter. Have you ever massaged your head with coconut oil? This is also one easy way to get rid of dandruff (organicfacts).


A. Eat dinner
B. Workout
C. Write in my journal

Where does coconut oil come into play?

B. MCTs, medium-chain triglycerides, are great for boosting energy and burning calories. These MCTs are widely used in muscle-building products, giving the extra lift needed to push a bit further when exercising (eatthis). Perfect to make part of a workout plan!

A Day in the Life: Coconut Oil


A. Moisturize
B. Relax
C. Sleep

Coconut oil at night? Yes, indeed!

A. In addition to cleansing my face and applying night cream ( before bed, coconut oil is a great chapstick substitute. The minerals in coconut oil add plenty of moisture to cure dryness, making lips smooth and even tasty (eatthis)! Applying this oil to dry skin is also great because the chance of adverse effects is VERY LOW.

B. After a long day at work, I like to unwind. Did you know that a gentle head massage with coconut oil can minimize mental fatigue and relieving stress?

C. Before I fall asleep, I am happy to know that I used a supplement that can do so much for me! From skin to digestive health, COCONUT OIL is without a doubt, one of my favorite things, period.

After reading some of the most AMAZING benefits of coconut oil, do you feel inclined to spread the health? Request a quote at or call 844-625-3771 so we can get your product selling in days!

Bonus: Which of the following do you think COCONUT OIL has been linked to?

a. Protection of Organ Function
b. Healthy Digestion
c. Hormone Balance
d. Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease
e. Heart Health
f. Risk Reduction of Seizures
g. Healing Properties

Comment down below with your best guess! (HINT: There is more than one answer)


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