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Innovation on the Horizon

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 22, 2018

Innovation on the Horizon

If you are invested in the dietary supplement industry, then you know the previous topic of conversation has been its lack of innovation. Today, we have much to look forward to, as advancement is propelling the dietary supplement industry forward.

Business Meets Science

Something to look forward to is the Probiota Americas event this summer, during which a pre-conference workshop will be dedicated to sports nutrition to explore opportunities from immune support to reducing post-exercise inflammation, boosting recovery, and enhancing protein absorption.

Despite industry stakeholders noting its limitations, DNA analysis has made progress for many companies. One of the goals of the NHP Research Alliance, which was launched last year, is to build an extensive Biological Reference Material Library (BRM) to be accessed by both industry partners and regulators alike. This is a step towards bringing industry leaders, regulators, and consumers together for the development of new industry testing standards using reliable, affordable DNA-based tools (nutraingredients-usa). These standards improve quality and safety, something from which producers and consumers can only benefit.

Supplements Sparking Interest

Innovation on the Horizon

Fresh Formats

“Traditional” formats of supplements are experiencing breakthrough advancements. From vegetarian softgels to bilayer and trilayer tablets, innovation is astonishing even the most informed industry leaders. Capsules within capsules are in the works, “which can be used for combination products with different release profiles or dual release of a single ingredient” (nutraingredients-usa). Inventive ideas are also circulating about GUMMY VITAMINS ( Pectin, an ingredient used by MAKERS NUTRITION, is being used in lieu of gelatin to accommodate vegetarian and vegan consumers, making waves on the halal and kosher markets (nutraingredients-usa).

Science to Sales

Putting one supplement on the spot, research surrounding TURMERIC/CURCUMIN ( is not only impressive, but headlining positive data. According to HerbalGram 111, “sales of curcumin/turmeric products grew 118% in the mass channel, and 32% in the natural channel, to reach overall sales of over $50 million. Some people think curcumin can be as big as omega-3s” (nutraingredients-usa). As science grows, so does consumer awareness, which only translates to a better market in an industry that is expanding at lightning speed.


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