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The “Egg-nored” Protein Powder

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 31, 2018

The “Egg-nored” Protein Powder

We know there are many options available when it comes to creating protein powder products, but there’s one forgotten powder that unarguably permits me to “crack” some egg puns with Easter right around the corner. Let’s get started!

No “EGGS-ageration,” egg protein powder is one of the BEST supplements people can take to ensure adequate protein intake AND build muscle in a safe and healthy way.

Egg Protein Manufacturer

How Does Egg Compare?

Considering gotu kola’s versatility, there are several avenues to explore in terms of consumer targets. Here’s why!

  1. No dairy? No problem: Due to their dairy contents, whey and casein are not suitable powders for people who are lactose intolerant. Egg-based protein powders are a great alternative because they are, drumroll please… lactose-free.
  2. Digestion: Whey is a fast-digesting protein, while casein is slow. Since egg-white protein powder is somewhere in the middle, it keeps muscle protein synthesis working longer than it would if whey alone was ingested (livestrong).
  3. Taste Tastelessness: Unlike most protein products, egg powder is nearly flavorless. It works well as a bonding agent, which means it can be incorporated into baked goods and dessert recipes. This is why egg powder makes for a great dietary supplement AND ingredient (tonysfeir). Either way, approximately 25 grams of protein are in a 30-gram serving of egg-based powder, which means everyone from bodybuilders to children can benefit from this addition to their diet (livestrong).
  4. Amino Acid Content: Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein, amino acid content is crucial to customers when choosing a protein supplement. The body can make 10 amino acids on its own, but there are 10 essential amino acids that need to come from food. A food with all 10 of these amino acids is called a complete protein. This is egg’s time to shine, as egg white powder is a complete protein. Meanwhile, “plant-based protein powders like rice and pea are incomplete” (livestrong).

The “EGG-ceptional” Provider: Makers Nutrition

When it comes to protein powder, everyone has their own preference. Here is your opportunity to offer not only an egg protein product, but other powders such as pea, whey, and soy. Bring your custom formula to us or use any of our ready-to-go stock formulas. Instead of HOPPING from manufacturer to label maker to fulfillment center, you can put all of your eggs in one big Makers Nutrition basket with confidence! We EGGS-ercise EGGS-treme diligence to create the best possible outcome for your product and business. Visit our protein manufacturing page!


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