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A Vegetarian’s Guide to Supplementation

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 16, 2018

A Vegetarian’s Guide to Supplementation

Regardless of the diet each of us follows, it can be difficult at times to ensure adequate amounts of the vitamins and minerals we need to live our healthiest lives. Some diets, more than others, restrict essential nutrients found in foods such as fish, meat, and dairy—particularly vegetarian and/or vegan regimens.

Supplements to the Rescue

Vegetarian and/or vegan eating works for many people. Some claim it helps them lose weight, while others say they feel completely rejuvenated. They could be lacking in some essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, and calcium. Here is your chance to offer a product people really need! Taking a vegetarian/vegan-friendly supplement is an easy way to compensate and ensure overall wellness.

Here are a few suggestions from us, the supplement manufacturer with all the answers:


Fish is the primary food source of omega-3 fatty acids. Two of these fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), promote overall wellbeing, including cognitive and heart function. They may even contribute to building strong bones and decreasing the risk of diabetes (vegetariantimes). Plants contain the most essential type of omega-3, which is alpha linolenic acid (ALA). However, while the body converts ALA to EPA and DHA, it may not produce adequate amounts. Studies prove that compared to meat-eating people, vegetarians and vegans tend to have lower blood levels of both EPA and DHA (vegetariantimes).

You creating an omega-3 supplement will be creating a solution for some 375 million vegetarians and vegans combined.

Vitamin B12

A deficiency in the vitamin responsible for healthy blood and nerves can cause some serious fatigue, anemia, and irreversible nerve damage. The largest source of Vitamin B12 is meat and fish. Eggs and dairy have some B12 to offer, but not as much. And while you can substitute with non-dairy milk and nutritional yeast fortified with this nutrient, unless you’re ingesting these products daily, you still may not be getting enough. This is when supplementation is a great option! (foodrevolution).

Vitamin B12 is most popular in capsule form! Curious about capsule manufacturing options?


How often do you see ‘Dairy Free’ on labels? Be it consumers’ lactose intolerance or voluntary veganism, these products are often very successful. Those who steer clear of dairy products would gladly take interest in your dairy-free product—especially if they could a calcium boost.


What’s so special about zinc? It is needed for the body’s immune system to function properly, while playing a vital role in breaking down carbohydrates, cell growth, and wound healing. Zinc can be found in vegetables, beans, oats, seeds, and nuts. But the “zinc in plant foods is sometimes bound to phytates, making it more difficult for the body to absorb this nutrient” (foodrevolution). This is why many vegetarians, vegans, and plant-based eaters are sometimes deficient in zinc.

What to do?

A multivitamin is a great source of zinc, among other necessary nutrients such as iodine, iron, calcium, Vitamin D and B12. Important to thyroid health, the absorption of iodine can be blocked by some foods. Iron is especially important to women who have not reached menopause but need the extra dose of iron that is lost during monthly periods. Clearly, the multivitamin is a multipurpose supplement.

Want to learn more about the mighty multivitamin? Be our guest!

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