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Health and Wellness: A Royal Perspective

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 23, 2018

Health and Wellness: A Royal Perspective

It’s official! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. What better way to celebrate than with an article to make us feel a little closer to royalty!

So, how does a dietary supplement manufacturing company relate? Long before Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was a foodie at heart, dishing about her healthy eating habits. Makers Nutrition just happens to offer some of the very nutrients in supplement form that Markle makes priority. Here are a few:


Royalty: While she does not have an “allowed” list and an “avoid” list for what she eats, Markle remains health-conscious. She is sure to get her daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids. The Duchess enjoys sashimi, which is basically sushi without the rice. This is where her “flexibly vegan diet” comes into play. “Seafood like tuna offers heart-healthy omega-3s, so including it in your diet is great,” says Amy Gorin, RDN and owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition (everydayhealth).

Makers Nutrition: According to the National Institute of Health, “a deficiency of essential fatty acids—either omega-3s or omega-6s—can cause rough, scaly skin and dermatitis” (ods). Those who stick to a strictly vegan diet may fall behind in their adequate intake of fatty acids, so the Duchess isn’t too far off. To ensure your customers’ adequate intake of fatty acids, you can find our STOCK OMEGA SOFTGEL at or provide your own softgel formulas for us to manufacture, package, and fulfill a stellar product!


Royalty: Important to the Duchess’s eating practices are non-animal based products and many plant-based sources. Being the humanitarian that she is, Markle is helping the environment. According to Ginger Hultin, a nutritionist and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, plant-based diets are in fact “more environmentally sustainable than those that include many animal products. Compared [to] diets with meat, vegan and vegetarian diets make use of fewer natural resources and are associated with much less environmental damage” (everydayhealth).

Makers Nutrition: Looking to make a vegan/vegetarian capsule, softgel, powder, or liquid? We work with all types of supplements, including non-GMO, rBGH-free WHEY PROTEIN formulas, available in two delicious flavors! Have a look-see:


Royalty: In a 2016 interview with Delish, Meghan Markle shared that instead of a coffee, she enjoys green juice as an afternoon pick-me-up. Hultin comments “With any juice, having more veggie content than fruit will help lower the calorie and sugar content” (everydayhealth). And while Markle avoids gluten, she still gets her daily dose of antioxidants.

Makers Nutrition: You can offer your customers the full benefits of an antioxidant- and polyphenol-rich product. We have RED and GREEN SUPERFOOD BLENDS ready to go at low minimum order quantities. These superfood drinks combined are packed with polyphenols, probiotics, and phytonutrient antioxidants. Delicious and nutritious, great for any time—even for after-workout recovery, it’s no wonder Red and Green Superfood are two of our most popular products!


Royalty: It appears that the Duchess has the clearest and healthiest skin. How? It’s most likely those antioxidants and healthy practices.

Makers Nutrition: While our superfood blends are great options, we also offer COSMETIC FORMULAS. To help people achieve their healthiest skin, add one (or more) of these formulas to your cosmetic line. Don’t have one? Let this be the debut!

The royal wedding may have inspired you to do something great. In honor of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, two humanitarian leaders, be it creating a product to raise nutrient levels through a softgel supplement or introducing a skin care line, now is a great time to pay it forward to benefit others!


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