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When Lightning Strikes

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 14, 2018

When Lightning Strikes

It’s 6 am, you zombie walk to the bathroom, blink until you can keep your eyes open, catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Before moving on with your morning routine, something catches your eye… and it is NOT your voluminous bed head, though the shape it takes is undeniably impressive.

You notice the much-dreaded fine lines around your eyes. Some puffiness and dark circles too! Believe it or not, with our busy lives, stress and sinus congestion can affect our eyes. It’s okay though, this is what eye cream is for. From moisturization to anti-inflammation, custom eye cream can help! I am here to put your worries to bed. PSA: THIS ZOMBIE WALKER DOES NOT HAVE TO BE YOU.

Lightning strikes and BAZINGA—your eye care product line is born!

Makers Nutrition to the Rescue

With this great idea comes the need for a contract manufacturer who knows what it’s doing. Enter Makers Nutrition, one of the leading providers that knows the industry inside and out. We understand the concerns brands have when putting their product in someone else’s hands, especially when they are just starting out. That’s why we do everything we can to make the process as smooth as possible. With 24-hour customer service, next-gen equipment, and quick turnaround times, you will be nothing but impressed with Makers Nutrition.

Custom or Stock

Have your own eye cream formula? Awesome! If you want to create one but aren’t too sure about which ingredients to choose, why not take advantage of Makers Nutrition’s stock Eye Cream formula? Comprising some of the most effective ingredients, our formula targets fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. Think of this eye cream as a shot of espresso for your face.

Why Ours?

Makers Nutrition’s stock formula can:

  • Soothe and calm
  • Restore and promote collagen production
  • Improve skin elasticity

Eye Cream Checklist

A good eye cream works to prevent signs of aging around the eyes, while limiting the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles that are already making themselves evident. If you choose to provide your own formula, make sure you are giving your customers a product that will:

  • Moisturize As we age, around the eyes become the most noticeably drier. The right product will allow you to smile cheek to cheek without compromising smooth skin.
  • Tighten Drooping eyes are the worst and no one wants them. Although product cannot keep us from aging, it sure can defy the signs of it, reducing the appearance of fines lines and/or wrinkles. This quality is a major part of what makes a great eye cream that sells!
  • Revitalize Your customers don’t just want any eye cream—they want a product to create that long sought-after celeb glow. The best and most successful eye creams protect skin from becoming fragile. You’ll want to make something that can bring out the best of what your customers already have. Let their bright inside show through a radiant face with strengthened skin (annmariegianni).

Bring the Thunder

WE already know what a success your brand can become. Are YOU ready to take the plunge and bring some thunder to the industry? Want to start off on the right foot with a manufacturer that doesn’t delay the process of building your empire? What are you waiting for?! Request a quote, call us at 1-844-625-3771 and speak with an expert today!

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