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The Little Green Algae That Could

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 19, 2018

The Little Green Algae That Could

3 billion years. That is how long chlorella, a single-cell green microalgae, has been around. It is the truest of superfoods, and is most often offered in powder or tablet form. In addition to its mighty powers in DNA-strengthening, longevity, detoxification, etc., chlorella is making huge strides on the market and is expected to skyrocket by 2024. Let’s learn why!


Chlorella algae powder has a higher protein content by weight than almost any other food—it is 60% protein by mass, whereas most other foods that we consider high protein--such as meat, eggs, and beans, are typically 20% or 40%. Chlorella is a complete protein, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids the body needs in order to produce feel-good neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin), and build strong, healthy muscle (consciouslifestylemag).


Fascinating enough, Earth’s natural ingredients, one being chlorella, can counteract harmful toxins and pollutants in the body. Chlorella is so spectacular this it is widely known as one of the most effective detoxifiers of chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation. Why? Chlorophyll! The chlorophyll content in chlorella binds to toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and prevents them from being absorbed into the body’s tissue (consciouslifestylemag, rawlsmd).

Immune System

Chlorella invigorates the body’s natural detoxification process. While the body works to detoxify itself on its own, heavy metals and other toxins may still get lodged in fatty tissue and interrupt the immune system, causing chronic illness(es) (rawlsmd).


Rich in prebiotic fiber, chlorella helps to quickly multiply good probiotic bacteria in the gut. In fact, one Japanese study showed that supplementation with chlorella on an empty stomach tripled probiotic bacteria concentrations in the gut within a very short period of time (consciouslifestylemag).


In healthy human cells, chlorella has been proven to exert a protective effect against free radical and oxidative stress damage, both known to make signs of aging more apparent. And get this: “In older or already damaged cells, [chlorella] exhibits bioremedial effects, meaning that it works to repair telomeres and damaged parts of the cellular DNA from the inside out.” What importance does this have? According to existing medical knowledge, chlorella should theoretically extend one’s lifespan when taken regularly (consciouslifestylemag).

When food isn’t enough

Obtaining vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids can sometimes be difficult when depending only on the foods we normally eat. Chlorella is FULL of vitamin B12, zinc, and such nutrients that are crucial to neurotransmitter levels, mood, proper function of the brain, the nervous system, reproductive system, and the immune system, among many other body processes (consciouslifestylemag). Most people get vitamin B12 and zinc from meat and seafood…vegetarians and vegans, chlorella is 100% plant-based! This supplement just keeps getting better and better!

Psycho-Spiritual Effects

History tells a story. If you dig deep enough, you will find that according to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, chlorella powder was discovered to supply ojas, which loosely translates to “life force” or “vitality.” Ayurvedic doctors claim that ojas can become depleted by age, stress, and toxins, but can be replenished by particular foods and herbs. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, chlorella provides yin energy, which means “it is restorative at the deepest levels of the body, calming to the nervous system and generally rejuvenative and nourishing. Yin foods are the perfect antidote to our modern culture of hyper-stimulation and over-activity…” (rawlsmd).

A Personal Take

If the benefits aren’t enough, take it from someone who actually experienced the effects of chlorella firsthand. Dr. Bill Rawls, who did his fair share of research into the best superfoods for chronic Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, found that for him, chlorella was the answer. Dr. Rawls noticed a significant improvement in his gastrointestinal health, as everything seemed to just be working better. Chlorella soon made itself evident as a powerhouse for detoxification, immune support, and nourishment. Dr. Rawls shares “If you’re looking for easy ways to enhance your health […] adding chlorella to your diet might just be the simplest and most effective step you could take. I’ve been recommending it for 10 years to virtually everybody. So many people struggle with gut dysfunction or toxin issues; I believe chlorella should be a key part of recovery” (rawlsmd).

Spread the Good

Chlorella is hands-down one of the most beneficial supplements to offer your customers. One that can help balance the mind, body, AND soul?! Can you think of anything better? I sure can’t! Call us or request a quote today! Our specialists are eager to get started on your next product!


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