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Making a Difference

Charity by Rosemary Tambini on October 29, 2018

Making a Difference

The holiday season is a time of reflection. A time to put into perspective the full lives we live. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not know where their next meal is coming from. This year, Makers Nutrition, a leading supplement manufacturing partner for both startups and seasoned companies, wanted to be a part of the solution. Donating over 7,000 pounds of high quality flavored protein supplements, valued at over $31,000, to LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry, Makers Nutrition is thrilled to know that so many people in need will be nourished by its contribution.

Makers Nutrition donates annually to different charities that aim to help the needy or prevent malnutrition in the world. “Especially since the product we have donated is the type used in protein shakes and meal augmentation, our team is proud to provide nutrition to those who truly need it. When we set out to donate, it quickly became clear that LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry aligned with our mission” says Makers Nutrition’s Senior VP Stephen Finnegan. Feed The Hungry is an organization that believes people deserve to live a full life. To know what it feels like to live without hunger, illness, or fear—to believe their life matters. And that they, too, can hope for a better future.

About LeSEA Global Feed The Hungry

LeSea Global Feed The Hungry is a non-profit, evangelical Christian humanitarian organization, founded in 1987 by Dr. Lester Sumrall, to respond to God’s challenge, “That my church in the third world does not die of hunger before I return.” It is an organization focused on fighting hunger due to poverty, war, famine, and natural disasters. Feed The Hungry is dedicated to feeding the poor and hungry around the world, empowering the church worldwide. Feed The Hungry has delivered more than $200 million of food and supplies to hungry, hurting people in 92 nations around the globe. This organization also responds with emergency food and relief during disasters like the Japan tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Oklahoma tornadoes, Hurricane Sandy, and Syrian crisis.

About Makers Nutrition

Makers Nutrition is a leading provider for the nutraceutical industry. From manufacturing services and packaging, to graphic design, printing, and order fulfillment, Makers Nutrition provides dietary supplement companies a one-stop shop for all their needs and an unmatchable level of quality.


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