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Up and Up: The U.S. Beauty Supplement Market Trend

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 8, 2018

Up and Up: The U.S. Beauty Supplement Market Trend

This year, the United States experienced a 61% increase in beauty supplement sales—the most growth among nations with the top seven highest sales in the category. In fact, the U.S. soared past the top five beauty-supplement-selling countries in the world. That includes France and Germany, which have had stronger sales than America in the past few years.


Market research firm Euromonitor International reported that the U.S. achieved $144 million in beauty supplement sales compared to $89 million last year. Mintel, another market research firm, shared that beauty enhancing claims for ‘anti-aging’ made up 4% of new supplement product launches, functional ‘hair, skin, and nails claims made up 12% of all launches, and 3% of launches made both claims (nutraingredients-usa).

The Impetus

Many experts attribute America’s market growth to one protein: COLLAGEN, which can be found as a stock powder and labeled with YOUR brand name. Collagen peptide in finished products is increasingly popular throughout the world for its skin health benefits, including moisturization, elasticity, and a vibrant glow.


At Natural Products Expo West earlier this year, there was an abundance of collagen-containing products, ranging from powders to cookies to tortilla wraps. And GET THIS: Euromonitor International actually named collagen “2018’s hottest ingredient” and Google Trends data unveiled searches for ‘collagen’ in America are at an all-time high!

Act Now

ESPECIALLY since the global beauty supplement market is expected to reach $6.8 billion by the end of 2024, NOW is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon and take full advantage of Makers Nutrition’s stock cosmetic formulas! We have everything from eye cream to blemish balm. So let’s take the next step and start talking. Request a quote today!


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