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Supplement Manufacturer Series: New Year, New Manufacturer

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 13, 2018

Supplement Manufacturer Series: New Year, New Manufacturer

With the New Year coming up, we’re reminded of all the things we’ve been meaning to do, just haven’t gotten around to doing. For you, perhaps changing supplement manufacturers is one of those things. It’s an even better time to drop old habits that are simply holding you back from achieving the level of success you’ve dreamt of.

Instead of giving you some bogus pitch about why we manufacture supplements like no other provider, I will stick to the facts and leave the deciding up to you. If by the end of this article you think Makers Nutrition is a fit, give us a call. Let’s start 2019 off on the right foot together!

The fine line

Contract manufacturers walk a fine line between expanding and over-expanding their service offerings. This is something we take very seriously. Makers Nutrition considers every type of product very carefully before deciding whether to move forward. Our philosophy is that we will not do a project if we are not sure we can do it well. If it is not a great fit for our business or our culture, we may choose to let some segments of the market go. A good example is when we considered manufacturing protein bars which have become so popular. Makers Nutrition is a major contract manufacturer of protein powders, capsules and shakes, so it made sense to consider protein bars. While the protein bar market is large and growing, we decided not to go forward. The more we studied the product, the clearer it became that it was a different business entirely and not a great fit for us. Though some hopeful clients were disappointed that we were not proceeding with protein bars, we decided that it was better than disappointing them by producing a substandard product. Again, if we cannot do it well, we just won’t do it. Simple as that.


Makers Nutrition primarily offers custom supplement manufacturing services. Our clients’ formulas belong to our clients. We start our relationship with each client by offering a full non-disclosure/non-compete agreement. We want to start our clients off knowing that we will never use or publish their formulas, never sell their formulas and never make their formulas for any other client. We are not a brand, we are not a competitor, we are a facilitator. Our clients’ formulas often represent their life’s work or life savings. There are companies out there that will take a client’s formula, manufacture it themselves, and sell it under their own brand name to compete with their own clients. This disgraceful behavior has many clients wary of sharing their confidential information with anyone. We want nothing to do with retail or e-commerce – it is just not what we do.

Makers Nutrition has similar agreements in place with our cGMP qualified suppliers and service providers. While we do not necessarily volunteer our sourcing partners to our clients, with proper documentation, we do offer clients the opportunity to provide us with any raw materials they choose, we will source according to whatever advantages the client wishes to feature in their product (all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, NON-GMO, Halal, Kosher, etc.) and we will, of course, provide certificates of analysis for raw materials used, when requested.


No, we don’t come to work with the latest fashion, though I must say, our professional style is to a T. But we remain ahead of the game when it comes to supplement manufacturing services. The nutraceutical industry is constantly evolving, constantly expanding. Now more than ever, people are becoming more health conscious. That means they have a heightened awareness of not only the food they’re eating but the vitamins and minerals that can help them live their best life. Whether you are a physician selling immune-boosting supplements or a fitness guru selling pre-workout powder, your customers’ expectations will continue to climb. And we are climbing right along with those expectations, educated on market trends and equipped for excellence.


Makers Nutrition is rewriting the narrative. We want to manufacture your supplement according to our standards—and those are pretty high standards. Shred the horror stories of unanswered phone calls and wasted money. Makers Nutrition is here to write over all the complications you faced in the past. We know that to have your supplement manufactured the right way is not asking for much.

Want to hear more from CEO Jason Provenzano and Senior Vice President Stephen Finnegan? Click below!

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