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The Men’s Guide to Dietary Supplements

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on December 13, 2018

The Men’s Guide to Dietary Supplements

Even those who try to eat healthy and exercise daily find it difficult to resist splurging every once in a while on foods like nachos and pizza, among many other guilty pleasures. This is where supplements can help! While “supplements won’t counteract poor eating habits […] they can help to make a healthy diet better,” says Amanda Carlson, M.S., R.D. On the days cravings take over, capsules, tablets, and powders can help fill in the gaps of a less than ideal diet.

What’s the big deal?

Why are vitamins and minerals so important? Who cares about supplements? Research shows that men have a higher probability of being deficient in certain vitamins if they eat a mostly processed diet. That means a diet full of packaged foods and takeout. It is relatively easy to experience low levels of critical nutrients without showing any signs, so don’t be foolish by assuming that since you feel “pretty okay,” your diet is sufficient in the best vitamins for men (draxe).

What’s good?

This is not to say that all men east processed foods and neglect their nutrient levels. For those who may do so without even realizing it though, here is the rundown on some supplements that can best benefit men’s health.

The Multi

This is key, guys. Multivitamins can do wonders for your wellbeing—but it should have two main nutrients: zinc and selenium. So if you are looking to offer your male customers a multivitamin that can provide optimal benefits, make sure these two ingredients are included in the formula (mensjournal).

Vitamin B12

Oftentimes, with age comes the declining ability to absorb nutrients, making it more difficult to obtain adequate B vitamins. This includes B6, B12, and folate, all of which are crucial for the metabolism of carbs, protein, and fat (mensjournal).


Probiotics are found in yogurt and fermented vegetables. If you’re not fond of such foods, then taking probiotic supplements can help, boosting the good bacteria that works to support digestive health and the immune system.

Vitamin K

The #1 cause of death in men in the U.S. is heart disease. What can you do to prevent it? Offer a Vitamin-K rich supplement for those at risk. This nutrient is vital for building and maintaining strong bones. The most efficient way of preventing a deficiency in Vitamin K is by eating plenty of different vegetables, including kale, lettuce, and broccoli. If getting this vitamin through food is more difficult for some, then a capsule or tablet may be the way to go.


Salmon, sardines, and tuna—all great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. If you are consuming a “western diet,” then you are most likely getting a fair share of omega-6 fatty acids, which are found in many packaged foods and vegetable oils. BUT you are probably not getting nearly enough omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory agents and found in certain fish, nuts, eggs, and seeds. According to Dr. Axe, “ideally, all men (and women too) would consume a ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s. However, some men might be consuming up to 10 times more omega-6s. The two need to balance each other out in order to keep inflammation levels down and protect the heart, brain and immune systems.” Sure, eating wild-caught fish a few times a week is essentially the best way to ensure a sufficient amount of omega-3s. If you are not getting enough, however, or you simply do not enjoy eating salmon or sardines, a supplement could be the answer.


High-Stress Job? There’s a supplement for that!

Let’s be honest, sometimes exercise just doesn’t cut it for releasing the stress felt from work. Believe it or not, rhodiola rosea has been shown to boost some men’s mental state, producing more serotonin (the feel-good hormone), improving mood and sleep.

Losing Weight?

There’s a supplement for that too (several, actually). Studies have shown that when combined with physical exercise and consumption of the right foods, supplemental doses of calcium and fiber have the potential to help shed fat and shape up.

Playing a Sport?

Creatine can help maximize on the benefits of strength training. Leucine, an essential amino acid, also works to recover muscles, while B-alanine buffers lactic acid, producing what you need to feel better and train harder (mensjournal).

On and On

This list is only scratching the surface of the supplements from which men can benefit most. Are you feeling the urge to create a workout supplement? How about a packed multivitamin? Makers Nutrition follows through with the best quality and service, and we have the reputation to prove it. If your concept and our abilities are a match, then the next product you add to your line will not disappoint! Call us at 1-844-625-3771 to speak with a specialist today!

* Before taking any dietary supplements please consult a licensed physician.


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