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Red Roses, Red Superfood

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 13, 2019

Red Roses, Red Superfood

Maybe you have someone special in your life, maybe you don’t. Either way, as our Parks and Rec friends once said, “treat yo self”. It’s Valentine’s Day after all!

Bringing home roses to your one and only? Me neither. And that’s okay. Surprise yourself with a bouquet at your doorstep after a long day at the office. This is you and your customers’ time--time to feel good about yourself, not sulk in your own despair. Today is a perfect day to start the workout plan you’ve been putting off. And with that plan comes workout supplements. More specifically, red superfood powder, which Makers Nutrition knows a thing or two about.

Don’t know the first thing about red superfood? No worries.

Reds are infection-fighting, antioxidant-filled, and anti-carcinogenic. Makers Nutrition is one of the leading providers of custom red superfood supplements. For those looking for a competitive minimum order quantity with a formula already figured out, Makers Nutrition offers a top quality blend as part of our award-winning stock private label program.

Here’s how our formula can help people like yourself get on their feet, in the gym, and pushing harder than ever before!

1. Flaxseed Oil Powder

If you’re bodybuilding, you’ll want proper nutrition to recover from intense training. Flaxseed oil contains omega-3s, the essential fatty acids typically lacking in the modern diet. It’s important to know that our bodies do not naturally produce omega-3 fatty acids, making it even more important to work it into your diet. While your muscles grow, they’ll be inflamed from those intense workouts, causing soreness and stiffness, making you feel weaker. Post-exercise management can speed up recovery, allowing you to train harder with faste progress (healthyeating). Omega-3s help do just that!

2. Stevia Leaf Extract

Fun fact: Stevia is actually 300 times sweeter than regular sugar with a minimal aftertaste, yet suitable for sugar-sensitive people, such as diabetics.

Stevia can help regulate blood-sugar levels and has been used in South America as a hypoglycemic acid for diabetes. It may also help in lowering high blood pressure levels, but it will not lower normal blood pressure levels. Astoundingly, stevia has the ability to also curb tobacco, alcohol, and sugar cravings. But back to the first point which leads to #3.

3. No added sugar, no artificial colors or preservatives… and much more!

With the stevia content in our Red Superfood, there’s no need to add sugar, making this formula low-glycemic--a plus for your diabetic customers. Last but not least, no artificial colors or preservatives means Red Superfood is a no-nonsense equation (livestrong).

If you are a no-nonsense kind of person, this Valentine’s Day, don’t feel blue, feel new! It’s your time to do what’s right for you and your customers. Offer them the amazing benefits red superfoods have to offer to help get them in shape and feeling good about themselves, inside and out.


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