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Hitting Home for Community Youth

Charity by Rosemary Tambini on March 1, 2019

Hitting Home for Community Youth

Makers Nutrition is proud to announce its 2019 sponsorship of the Nassau Baseball Academy. Donating a total of $1,500 to help facilitate the team’s success, with full faith in their ability to achieve their goals.

Finishing in the top three in all standings and winning two championships so far, the Nassau Baseball Academy is well on its way to more titles. Makers Nutrition is always on the lookout for ways to help the community and local groups.

“Baseball, a game of dedication, sportsmanship, and perseverance, is much like the dietary supplement industry", says Senior Account Manager Matthew Daddino. “There are challenges and setbacks, but with the right mindset, no defeat. It’s an honor to sponsor the Nassau Baseball Academy, and our ability to support local youth especially makes what we do all worthwhile.”

About Nassau Baseball Academy

The goal of the Nassau Baseball Academy is to provide young athletes a program to improve their baseball skills, while learning within a tight-knit community of family, coaches and inspiring contributions from other professional athletes. While having the luxury of dedicated coaches with a passion for the game, who have played at advanced levels of the game, an outstanding group of parents also contribute in any way they can. With indoor winter workout sessions, spring and summer games, tournaments, and a full fall schedule, the Nassau Baseball Academy supports youth through high school and college years, increasing the potential for scholarships along the way. The Nassau Baseball Academy is most proud of the 11 and under team capturing the Hot Stove League Championship this year and heading for next year’s tournament in Cooperstown, NY, home of baseball’s Hall of Fame. To show your support for the Academy, please follow the organization on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @Nassau_Baseball_Academy. #Practiceperfect #Workhardplaytough

About Makers Nutrition

Makers Nutrition is a leading provider of dietary supplement, specializing in capsules, tablets, gummies, powders and softgels. Our mission is to provide dietary supplement companies a full turnkey solution for contract manufacturing, order fulfillment, packaging, graphic design, and labeling.

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