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Four Sleep Agents

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 18, 2019

Four Sleep Agents

Get Some Sleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep is SUPER important to a healthy lifestyle. It helps your body and brain work properly, while improving your ability to learn, memorize, and make decisions. Most importantly, it provides the creative energy needed for your next great supplement product. Getting enough sleep is connected to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

With their busy schedule, chances are some of your customers do not get the amount of sleep they need. Luckily for them, you can offer a sleep supplement to help get the zzz’s they need for optimal health. And luckily for you, Makers Nutrition is your top-notch supplement manufacturer!

Here are some ingredient ideas to help so many sleep better:

Valerian Root

Valerian root is one of the most commonly used sleep-promoting herbal supplements in Europe and the U.S. Though studies are still in the works, two recent reviews reported that 300-900 mg of valerian taken right before bedtime can improve self-rated sleep quality (healthline).


The body naturally produces melatonin, a hormone that signals the brain that it is time to sleep. This is why melatonin supplements have become a popular sleeping aid, especially when the melatonin cycle is interrupted, ex: jet lag. Melatonin can improve overall sleep quality in individuals with sleep disorders. In particular, melatonin seems to reduce the time people need to fall asleep and boost the total amount of sleep time.


Speaking from a place of experience, I know several people who claim a significantly improved sleep thanks to magnesium supplements. It may help quiet the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep. Magnesium’s relaxing effect may be somewhat due to its ability to regulate the production of melatonin. We all need magnesium for healthy nerves, muscles, blood pressure, and sugar levels. It could be what helps someone achieve their #sleepgoals. Research does show that insufficient levels of magnesium may be linked to insomnia and troubled sleep, which means a little boost of it could be the missing piece.


The simplest naturally occurring amino acid that the nervous system depends on, glycine has been proven to improve sleep. It is thought to lower body temperature at bedtime, signaling it is time to sleep, similarly to melatonin. According to Healthline, “in one study, participants suffering from poor sleep consumed 3 grams of glycine or a placebo immediately before bedtime. Those in the glycine group reported feeling less fatigued the next morning. They also said their liveliness, peppiness and clear-headedness were higher the next morning.” Something to consider when creating your sleep supplement formula!

While there are food sources of the above, some people need a little extra help. Making a sleep supplement will have the potential of not only helping customers get much-needed rest, but also regulate several body systems to work in harmony.


The sleep aid market is projected to reach $101.9 billion by 2023, according to P&S Intelligence. The growing prevalence of insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) disorders, rising use of portable sleep apnea devices, increasing government support for startup companies, growing healthcare facilities, and surge in the demand of sleep aids have all been attributed to stress of the modern lifestyle. (psmarketresearch). This modern lifestyle is also helping the sleep aid market soar… so what are you waiting for? Call us today with your formula and let’s get to work!


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