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On the Rise: Antioxidant Supplement Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 8, 2019

On the Rise: Antioxidant Supplement Manufacturing

In 2019, supplement manufacturers are focusing on antioxidants. From their abundance in bioavailability to their endless health benefits, antioxidants are here to stay and thrive in the supplement market.

Antioxidants are nutrient-rich substances that inhibit oxidation and protect cells in our bodies from free radical damage, which are highly reactive molecules produced when the body breaks down food. Our busy lives include inevitable free radicals brought on by stress, lifestyle habits, UV light, blue light pollution, environment, etc., all of which antioxidants work to counteract the resulting harm. And when there is an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals, negative health conditions can result.

Good News

Antioxidants are LITERALLY everywhere. Chris Traeger would LOVE this article. I'm telling you, antioxidants are found in foods like cherries, dark chocolate (YUM), berries, beans, red wine (that's right), grapes, broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts. If you eat food, chances are you're consuming antioxidants, intended or not. Nevertheless, antioxidants are rapidly used up by the body, so they must be consumed daily in order to be effective. This is especially why so many people are turning to supplementation.

Growing Market

The antioxidant market is doing particularly well since science is proving theories right and an increasing number of people are becoming interested in preventing disease and chronic illnesses. Phil Bolden, president of Vida Lifescience, claims:

"a large group of people using antioxidants for preventative care is Baby Boomers trying to negate the signs of aging. This consumer group is definitely widening because people are more aware of the benefits of antioxidants."

The antioxidant market is also exploding because EVERYONE can benefit from antioxidants, regardless of gender or age group.

Not the same old stuff

"Researchers seem to be discovering more and more antioxidants available beyond the standard ones like vitamins A, C, E and minerals such as selenium," says Laurel Sterling, RD, CD/N, and national educator. Organic black cumin seed oil, which has centuries of historical use under its belt, contains the astonishing antioxidant thymoquinone. Other newcomer ingredients include glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, curcumin, ginger, and turmeric. Keep all of this in mind when creating your fresh antioxidant formula!

Research on the rise

While other ingredients aren't necessarily new, manufacturers and scientists are looking into certain elements. Alpha tocopherols for example, is an absorbable form of Vitamin E that has been effective for years. Now, there is more interest in alternative forms of tocopherols as well as tocotrienols found in vegetable seed oils and pressed fruits. The Society for Endocrinology is pushing the supplement manufacturing industry forward with their efforts to determine just how beneficial antioxidants can be. One of their studies concentrated on the connection between antioxidants and the prevention of cognitive impairment in diabetes. (Due to constant low blood sugar and insulin therapy, cognition tends to be affected in individuals with diabetes). The study was conducted on mice, which were treated with the antioxidant sulforaphane (SFN). Those treated with SFN demonstrated increased expression of antioxidant markers, decreased free radical cell damage, and showed considerably improved cognitive ability in memory tasks. What this means for humans… we’ll just have to wait and see.

Liposomal supplements

According to Mr. Bolden, "liposomal supplements provide the highest bioavailability of any oral delivery system of nutrients, compared to the bioavailability of traditional pill-based supplements. They are typically 4.5 times stronger per dose and the nutrients enclosed in a liposome pass through the digestive tract and into the blood stream without stomach or intestinal distress. [In fact], intravenous delivery is the only way to get better delivery than liposomal delivery." Perhaps new territory for your brand…

Listen up, y'all

Science is on your side. You've got reassurance that antioxidants aren't leaving any time soon, and you now know that antioxidants once forgotten about are making a major comeback. With supplement manufacturers making antioxidants something to be excited about again, you can enjoy the convenience of simply calling up a top-quality service provider *cough cough* Makers Nutrition and requesting a quote The day is YOUNG, let's go!


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