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A Royal Regimen

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 20, 2019

A Royal Regimen

Baby Archie is just days old and the clamor surrounding how he will be raised, vegan or not, is growing louder. As the public continues to stick their nose in royal business, let’s reflect on the Duchess’ healthy habits.

Fitting right in with her new family, Meghan Markle has maintained a wellness routine which includes clean eating, yoga, and what do ya know, supplements! Long before she married Prince Harry, Markle was a working actress without losing sight of wellness. During several interviews, she shared some insight on her supplement regimen.


The Dutchess of Sussex loves to boost her energy with a daily green juice, which is “a food-as-medicine philosophy for me,” Markle told Delish. Green superfood offers energy, detox, and probiotic benefits that can make your customers feel royally rejuvenated!


Packed with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that could be left out of a typical diet, multivitamins are a must for Markle. The Dutchess takes a multivitamin every day to ensure she doesn’t miss a beat.

Vitamin B12 Drops

Vitamin B12 improves memory, boosts energy, and could potentially hep with symptoms of depression. Markle enjoys these benefits, in addition to B12’s ability to prevent the loss of neurons and enhance hair, skin, and nail health.


Supporting heart health and blood pressure regulation, while relaxing the muscles and quieting the mind, it’s no wonder why the Duchess makes sure magnesium is in her routine. This nutrient even works to promote bone health and digestion.


Stress management is key, especially when you’ve got an infant in the mix. That’s partly why Markle manages her stress level with ashwagandha supplementation. Classified as an adaptogen, ashwagandha can lower cortisol levels, blood sugar levels, and anxiety.

Though she tries to keep it fairly vegan during the week, the Duchess maintains a not-too-strict diet for herself. She never skips breakfast and for lunch, if the craving wins, goes for the mac and cheese (Annie’s organic), with an addition of frozen peas. According to some serious sources, the Duchess makes a mean banana bread. During her royal tour of Australia, she presented her Admiralty House hosts with her very own homemade banana bread… which was said to be “delicious.”

Now for the diet she’ll establish for little Archie, I am sure it will be similar to the one Markle has maintained for years, but we’ll just have to wait and respectfully see. For now, let’s ponder the potential supplements naturally have to offer.



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