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Pet Supplement Manufacturer to the Rescue

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on May 29, 2019

Pet Supplement Manufacturer to the Rescue

“I am not worthy” ~ said dog lovers everywhere. And it’s true! How lucky did we get to exist on the same planet as dogs?

Unfortunately, there are certain dog breeds that are more prone to potential health issues than others. That said, with Makers Nutrition’s low minimum order quantities, you have the opportunity to offer your customers an affordable option to help maintain their pets’ health.

Which breeds have higher risks?

Labrador Retriever

America’s sweetheart of a dog, the Lab is prized for its high intelligence and affectionate nature. If this energy-filled dog gets plenty of daily exercise, health issues are relatively few. However, under-exercised ones are more likely to gain weight with an increased risk of joint disease due to obesity. Labs are also genetically prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, while other inherited diseases can include eye disorders like progressive retinal atrophy, causing blindness.

German Shepherd

It might be a tie between Labs and German Shepherds when it comes to who holds the title of America’s sweetheart. Excelling at guard duty, these dogs require a whole lot of stimulation and exercise in order to maintain optimal health. They are, however, prone to hereditary hip dysplasia, which can lead to arthritis or lameness—not the boring kind. Degenerative myelopathy is another common condition among German Shepherds, an untreatable disease leading to progressive paralysis.

Basset Hound

Flowing ears and all, this dog is sadly plagued by problems related to their most endearing qualities. That droopy skin of theirs may interfere with vision, while their floppy ears are susceptible to infections and require routine checkups and cleanings. Our stock Immune Support can help with its vision-supporting characteristic! Basset Hounds can also endure intervertebral disc disease, making it painful and difficult to move if left untreated.


This stoic breed is stricken with a hereditary defect of deafness, though reputable breeders are working to eliminate this problem. Dalmatians can also develop kidney or bladder stones, a condition called urolithiasis, making a special diet or surgery necessary.


Allegedly gaining its name from the way it uses its front paws for almost every activity, appearing to bat at objects as if… boxing, this compact muscly dog is disposed to a multitude of conditions. Boxers typically run into heart-related and thyroid problems, along with skin allergies. Other issues include bloating, cancer, and elbow dysplasia.

Make a Dog Difference

These are only some of the many dog breeds that are likely to inherit or develop conditions that may be irreversible. For those that can be prevented or improved, let’s work together in keeping our dogs happy, healthy, and free from hindrances. Choose our stock Immune Support or Multivitamin Powder for dogs or present your own custom formula to a rep here at Makers Nutrition. We are #YourSupplementSolution!


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