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Make Men’s Health Month Matter

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on June 10, 2019

Make Men’s Health Month Matter

1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. That’s why this Men’s Health Month and every month, Makers Nutrition encourages men to make an appointment and talk with their General Practitioner about their prostate health. Among the most commonly diagnosed cancers in men, prostate cancer chances increase as men age. Most cases are detected in men 65 years and older. Early detection is crucial in effectively fighting prostate cancer, and men over 50 years old, or 40 if they have a family history of prostate cancer, should especially speak with their doctor. Be sure to tell your friends and family to do the same.

Preventing Prostate Cancer

It’s a scary topic, but there are indeed ways to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, and we are here with some helpful tips to help you and your customers do as much as possible to prevent the development.

  • Don’t go on a short-term diet that restricts you and makes you angry because you’re starving. It’s just not necessary or healthy. Instead, think long-term.
    1. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetable every day. Aim for those deep, bright, beautiful colors.
    2. Portion control. Slow down when you eat, let your brain register that you’re full. And when you are, stop eating.
    3. Limit your consumption of red meat, including pork, lamb, and processed meats. That means HOT DOGS—trust me, you can still enjoy the baseball game without them. Skinless poultry, beans, fish, and eggs are much better sources of protein. Besides, they’re more satisfying.
    4. Avoid sugar-filled drinks such as fruit juices and soda.
  • Stay active. Eating healthy combined with regular exercise will help lower the risk of not only prostate cancer, but other deadly conditions including heart disease. And while there’s no concrete evidence that exercise directly prevents prostate cancer, there’s supporting evidence that it helps keep the prostate in shape. More than 30,000 men in one study led to the discovery of an inverse relationship between physical activity and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) aka prostate enlargement. Men who were more physically active were less likely to experience symptoms of BPH. In fact, even low-to moderate-intensity physical activity, like walking regularly at a moderate pace, produced benefits.

Play Your Part

If you want to spread the word about the importance of doing everything in our power to prevent prostate cancer, then play your part. Now is the perfect time to work on your products targeted towards men. Makers Nutrition carries several stock formulas supporting men’s health. Offer your customers a Prostate supplement. While you’re at it, provide some men’s sexual health tablets and a lycopene-containing men’s multivitamin. Make this Men’s Health Month matter with Makers Nutrition!


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