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White Label Supplement Success

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 1, 2019

White Label Supplement Success

The dietary supplement industry that is projected to near $200 billion by 2025 has the private label, or white label, sector to thank for much of its success. If you don’t already have a brand of your own, we’re here to sum up how it all works so you can be on your way to becoming a white label legend!

What is White Labeling?

Most often associated directly with private label supplement manufacturing, a white label product is a product sold under a brand’s name, though made by another company. For example, say your supplement brand name is SuperXcel and you’re working with a manufacturing service provider like Makers Nutrition. Simply put, we handle all of the behind-the-scenes work of your white label supplements, while you enjoy the resulting popularity and profit from selling your product(s). If you choose a full-service provider such as ourselves, then you can get everything done in one place. That means superb supplement manufacturing, graphic design for your label, packaging, warehousing, and order fulfillment.

How Does White Labeling Work?

Most supplement manufacturers have low minimum order quantities, which you’ll have to meet before they agree to creating your stock (or custom) products. This is actually a pro, not a con. Makers Nutrition’s MOQs for white label, for example, can be as low as 500 bottles. “The investment can be so small with a private label order that a customer can experiment, to see if they can move a product,” says President and CEO of Makers Nutrition. “That way, customers can see if their marketing is going to work before committing to a larger investment.” Once you’ve landed a reputable company that has MOQs you can work with, you can take a breather. The provider will now handle the largest part of the process: actually making the product, so all you have to do… is offer it to your customers.

Tips and Tricks

  • Real talk, white labeling saves you time and money, especially with a full-service provider. If you are a startup, you’ll want to choose a well-established provider that is cognizant of the ebbs and flows of the market, what works and what doesn’t. That way, you can rely on the company’s expertise for making a name for yourself amongst target consumers.
  • Money out doesn’t outweigh money in when you play your cards right. After starting out with a stock product and succeeding, you may want to branch out with your own custom formula. Volume pricing is your friend. With Makers Nutrition, you’ll face an MOQ of only 1,500 bottles. So, as you are working your way up the ladder as a small investor, your private label/white label can bloom right before your eyes at an affordable rate, as SuperXcel.
  • Let’s get back to the target consumers. If you’ve chosen a quality supplement manufacturer, built up your social media following, and made decisions that make your label stand out, then you will surely have a loyal customer base. If the people buying your product love and trust it, then that most likely means they’ll want more. And there is only one of YOUR BRAND.

Whatever your niche, be it sports nutrition or general vitamins, we are #YourSupplementSolution. Makers Nutrition will guide you through the white label process with ease. We’ve seen countless brands succeed.

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