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You Oughtta Know: Most Important Supplements for Men

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 19, 2019

You Oughtta Know: Most Important Supplements for Men

Many of your target customers are men who need a wakeup call about their health. While they may be relatively healthy individuals, vitamins and supplements play a major role in maintaining that health. You can count on us, your award-winning private label supplement service provider to, well, produce, with the 4-1-1 on what men need most to keep thriving at their best.

1. Magnesium

Did you know that 57% of Americans lack adequate levels of magnesium? This nutrient is critical for blood glucose control, keeping levels of other minerals in the body such as zinc, potassium, and calcium, along with functions like energy production, protein synthesis, heart and kidney health, and muscle and nerve function all in harmony. Magnesium prevents constipation, so it’s vital to bowel health. Low levels are linked to insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and pro-inflammatory processes. We can’t have that because chronic inflammation can lead to conditions and diseases including cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Omega-3s

Fun fact: Omega-3s are PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) that are known for their anti-inflammatory agency and ability to help maintain overall cellular membrane health. When it comes to men and omega, they tend to consume a lot more omega-6 fatty acids from foods like corn, canola, and soy—it’s essentially found in fast and processed foods including bottled salad dressing. Overconsumption of omega 6 can raise blood pressure, cause blood clots, and even heart attack and stroke. The key: lower omega 6 intake and raise the omega 3. These PUFAs are found in delicious foods: sardines, herring, and mackerel! Okay, fish isn’t for everyone. In that case, advise your male customers to choose an easy-to-swallow supplement from your product line. Krill oil supplementation is one of the healthiest ways to go. Krill comprises fewer heavy metals and other contaminants since it is at the bottom of the food chain, and the omega 3 fatty acids in krill contain the mighty antioxidant astaxanthin which is not in fish oil.

3. Boron

It’s found in almonds, raisins, prunes, and chickpeas; it’s added to calcium supplements for enhanced bone health. We are talking boron, my friends. This powerful mineral stimulates the brain’s electrical activity, aiding short-term memory and cognitive function. It boosts immune response, helps Vitamin D and magnesium absorption, lowers inflammation, raises antioxidant enzymes in the body, and increases pesticide and heavy metal detoxification (shout-out to all my organic/non-GMO buds). This might be the most astounding part: According to a 2010 study published in Anti-Cancer Agents in Medical Chemistry, boron-enriched diets helped prevent cervical, prostate, breast, and lung cancers as WELL as non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Amazing, right?! If providing prostate health is a priority of your company’s, we’ve got what your customers need.

4. Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle Root

Research strongly suggests that saw palmetto and stinging nettle root constrain the enzyme involved in the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a “principal mechanism in the development of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), a non-cancerous swelling of the prostate yielding urinary issues that affect men over 50 years of age. ‘Nuff said.

5. Vitamin D

A whopping 75% of Americans have below average Vitamin D levels. Lack of sunlight is highly responsible if you don’t go outside much, but sunscreen coverage takes the blame as well. This is not to say we shouldn’t be protecting our skin—we just have to remain conscious of how much exposure we’re really getting to this crucial vitamin. Vitamin D can boost testosterone levels in men, which is important because low testosterone levels make men more inclined to health problems including sleep apnea, slow metabolism, muscle spasms and cramps, low libido, and chronic fatigue.

One of Makers Nutrition’s best-selling softgels is Vitamin D. Since we are #YourSupplementSolution, we give you options. Vitamin D with olive oil, coconut oil, and bone health-promoting Vitamin D3. Keep these options in mind when choosing a supplement manufacturer, especially because a Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Oh, and it also balances mood!

Speaking of mood, it’s time to get pumped about your next product. You’ve got ideas, we’ve got capabilities. Let’s get to work!


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