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Supplement Stories: This is Mike from Makers Nutrition

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 5, 2019

Supplement Stories: This is Mike from Makers Nutrition

We’re back with another edition of Supplement Stories! An avid gym-goer who is no stranger to what supplements have to offer, and one of our most successful Senior Product Specialists, Mike Lastuvka shared both his personal and professional experience with supplements. Let’s see what he had to say.

Q: Why do you use supplements?

A: To increase performance in the gym whether it be strength, endurance, pump, etc. Some products are strictly for energy and endurance, like creatine, and then there are others for boosting testosterone levels.

More on that: Creatine not only improves strength and endurance, but sprint ability, brain performance, ballistic power, and recovery. Mike mentioned supplements for testosterone. Believe it or not, when Vitamin D levels are low, chances are testosterone levels are low as well. So, taking or exposing oneself to more Vitamin D may also increase testosterone levels. D-Aspartic Acid can work by stimulating key testosterone-producing hormones, while DHEA, ginger, and fenugreek may all play a role in raising those levels to ideal numbers.

Q: What made you interested in using supplements?

A: Doing research and understanding the effects you will get from the products themselves. Really, you want to see results and if anything can get you there faster or injury-free, it is a win-win.

More on that: Makers Nutrition has taken care of the research part for you. We know how supplements help people achieve their goals, be it in the gym or in general life. That’s why we have an array of ready-to-go stock formulas. That’s not all—for your convenience, everything is done in-house, from printing to fulfillment, so you don’t have to waste time in providing your customers the safe and effective solution they need.

Q: Any recommendations?

A: A good creatine monohydrate, protein complex, or pre-workout if you need a pick-me-up. A natural test booster is always good to have and real food is definitely a great asset. Supplements are just that, to supplement your diet and training regimen.

More on that: Something like our 20-gram per serving GRASS-FED PROTEIN powder can give your customers the jump-start they need to conquer fatigue, and surpass their benchmarks on the field or at the gym. Also, advise your customers that, like Mike said, food is key. Supplements should be used in addition to a healthy diet. If you really need motivation, think about this: your customers could be in the midst of a complete diet and exercise overhaul. And your product, be it a superfood, pre- or post-workout powder, has the potential to play a pivotal role in their healthy transition.

Q: Which supplements do customers ask most about? What really sells?

A: Collagen is very hot on the market right now. It has been asked about and highly sought after. Gummies are also part of the craze currently. Most of the best-selling are the tried-and-true supplements like amino acids, pre- and post-workout, and whey protein.

More on that: Mike’s right, gummies are flying off the shelves these days. We are currently experiencing a huge wave of demand for gummy supplement manufacturing, which means there are countless brands out there, trying to sell the next great gummy. By sticking with Makers Nutrition as #YourSupplementSolution, however, you’ll have an edge over the competition.

Makers Nutrition’s team of experts knows the dietary supplement industry inside and out. We know our unbeatable flavors, quality, and reputability make us stand out from the sea of supplement manufacturing service providers. Our private label vitamin program has unmatchable low minimum order quantities because we want your company to be the one that rises above the rest. Request a quote here!


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