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Supplement Stories: Achieving the American Dream through Private Label Supplements

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 19, 2019

Supplement Stories: Achieving the American Dream through Private Label Supplements

With years of experience in the dietary supplement manufacturing industry comes great knowledge and wisdom… and some useful advice. Our Director of Business Development Robert Marsteller is here with all of that and more in this edition of Supplement Stories!

Q: Why do you use supplements?

A: Better living through chemistry! I believe that the body works through a series of chemical reactions, and if we can help facilitate and/or improve these reactions, there is the potential for an overall increase in our quality of life. More specifically, I use supplements to help me stay active. I work long hours, and don’t always have the energy to exercise. They also help me to recover post-workout – I’m not as young as I used to be. It’s important to me that I make every workout count, and post-workout supplements help to do just that. In addition to filling nutritional gaps in my diet, I believe supplements give me a little bit of an edge, and help to establish a perpetual positive feedback loop – I have energy to exercise, I recover, I feel better, I have more energy… and so on.

Q: What made you interested in using supplements?

A: When I was in high school, some of the senior athletes started using creatine, and would swear by the difference it made. Being a freshman on the varsity team, I was eager to fit in, and to be able to compete with my upperclassmen.

Q: Which do you take?

A: I don’t eat as many vegetables as I should, so I take a Green Superfoods product daily. The flavors being put out at this time make it a treat, especially compared to the wheatgrass tastes of a few years back. I typically mix a scoop of collagen into this drink, to help with joint support (and the hair and skin benefits don’t hurt). I also take a pre-workout before exercise, and on hot days as a substitute for my morning coffee. I take BCAAs daily to assist with muscle recovery.

Q: Based on your experience in the dietary supplement manufacturing industry, which supplements do customers ask most about? What sells the most?

A: Requests from clients tend to vary based on the current dietary trends and fads. For the past year and a half, collagen has been our biggest mover – there’s actually a global shortage of material, as production hasn’t yet caught up to demand. Sleep products are very popular this year, as are products geared towards improving one’s appearance and quality of life – hair, skin, and nail formulas, as well as anti-aging. Sports nutrition is a category that continues to grow, and personally I can see why – these are products that I use, and strongly believe can have a positive impact on my daily life.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

A: The world of dietary supplements really has helped me to realize the American Dream. I was hired by Makers for an entry-level job, and through hard work and perseverance, have recently been promoted to a management position. I work for a great company that treats me well, giving me the support needed to help our clients run their businesses. In turn, our clients are able to sell a quality product at a fair and competitive price, and the end user gets finished product manufactured to the highest standards.

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